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He's averaging two point six yards per carry this year. Could he's been stinky? He's been bad. He's been. Dare I say at Lyon, esque Daniel. Daniel, this made a made a us a symbol that we countless show. Right? Yeah, it was just we shouldn't show on the Twitter stream. Yeah, I'm nervous about this. Ronald Jones. Another healthy scratch in this game like it. So it's not like, well, hey, we should be worried about Peyton Barbara because Philip Lindsay's coming on or something like that. Like there ain't no one it, the gig is his. He just not doing anything with it. And so that is one of the reasons why I'm sort of buying this fits magic thing. If you have James Winston on your roster is a viable strategy picking up fits magic and Jameis Winston saying, you know what? I'm just going to ride the Tampa Bay quarterback because it appears that they are going to have to throw a ton too bad secondary and they can't run and so-. Fantasy wise, we could see significant numbers field. We could. Yeah. I mean, listen, they've just high octane right now. They are just like as fun as fun as there is right now who's have more fun playing the NFL than Ryan Fitzpatrick a moment. Nobody. And maybe that's part of it. You don't ever just wonder like cutting loose is like life skin. I got this gig for at least four weeks maybe longer, honestly. I mean, that's the thing. Is that their week four game is the Thursday night game. I believe they're the, they're the short weeks no-no. The bucks. Have they play next Monday night short week before a Sunday game. So short, we got it. Okay, that's that's my confused. Then go on a buy week in week five. We'll see whether or not this job stays Ryan Fitzpatrick at this point. It's hard to imagine hard for me to imagine that he does not have at least an excellent chance to keep in this job hundred percent Jae Jao is defined. You left this game. Briefly. He did return was the latest on his back. Well, like we just heard that he missed time because of his back injury. But the fact that he made it back into the game makes you think it wasn't particularly serious, but I think this is more about the just the story of j.j. I mean, I've been concerned about his ability to hold up across the season for multiple years now and it's certainly this isn't changing it and with no Darren sproles who saw plenty of Corey Clement and a little bit of Wendell Smallwood. But Clement was really the most effective running back. For this eagles backfield in a deeper league. If this aja injury lingers at all, he's going to be a waiver wire name to consider. We got news this morning from Adam Schefter that Mike Wallace is going to miss the rest of the year because of an ankle injury and Ben. Now we also have Sean jeffer- sitting out Nelson Agar. Could it be a top fifteen play for right now at wide receiver, Matthew. Who knows? I g- Laura, yeah. Yeah. I mean, he was in my top twenty going into this week until Sean Jeffrey comes back. And my expectation is that Carson Wentz starts week three. It's a great match up at home against the colts. I know the colts just made my Redskins look stupid, but that's the Redskins, whatever the eagles were real football team. And so. Even though they lost this game. Yeah, I think I think Agla is is the real deal. Eight catches in both games that season. It's a little weird because obviously, no alshon. But it's another team that has struggled to run the ball. I, yeah, I'm I'm in on Adler. I've been all year. We're going to save more Carson Wentz analysis.

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