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Derogatory term for gay, folks. Well, and then he says I have addressed this many times I'm gonna pass on an apology, which I think that after the tweets came out, it was he could repair this just saying I'm sorry and have the same sentiment of saying. Yes, I've changed I know better. Now, I'm a better, man. He could've changed this. But by posting what he did on Instagram the video of him kinda just laying in the bed glam, so sick of people bringing this up and all this a lot of people didn't know about that. And now you have a nice platform to explain and hopefully move forward, but he chose not to. And I was not surprised this morning. Waking up when he has chosen now to step down because it's just it's become too much of a distraction dawn. I you know, it I before I read the tweets, I was like, okay. Well, what how serious is this. And then there's just so many. I mean, that's that's the tip of the iceberg is just there is a clear narrative there of and to not even go like, Wow, I've reread my tweets here. It is really that is really bad. And I was just trying to be funny, but I failed and I would never want to hurt anyone. I sincerely apologize. Like, this is your career. You know, you just. I don't know. There were disgusting. Honestly, and I don't like to spot people's jokes. You know, I I love comedy. I love stand up comedy. I love improv comedy. But I just it's just goes too far. It's just a whole there's clearly a problem there. And then just not even to acknowledge that it's bad to say those things I don't know just to go come on. I've changed like we're we're supposed to assume that you've changed. I don't know it doesn't sound like it when if you ever apologized about that. You know, he said he has in the past. Well, then prove it to me. Right. And this is this is a bigger platform people who didn't know about this before. Now's the time to really say. You know, what I really like you said dialing just say, look that was horrible. It was my attempt at humor. I mean, how many comedians have had to apologize like this and much better job? Yeah. I mean, I hate to bring up a different topic. But you know, all the things that Louis C K did at least he owned it. You know, he says said and whether or not you wanna forgive him. And you think he should be able to do comedy more is a different thing altogether. But at least he said I own this. And this is disgusting and bad, and I apologize. Yeah. I agree with all of that. I'm a little I'm a little conflicted. I agree with with everything you guys said. Especially about the part of he he could have. And there's been so many celebrity stories where we have said the following if they would've only apologized right away. It would have this would have been a eight hour story. You know, lex. We've said that many times on the show. Yes, I little conflicted only because as a gay guy too..

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