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You won't believe your eyes I think it's in the fall thrift stores you'll find something cute maybe gently worn for Indian clothing if retail again eleven on highway one hundred at lightning greenfield in twenty third today's color courageous moment is actually over a first rate one of those things about our fellow humans it touched my heart this is the story of Albert and Rudy so Rudy owns an auto repair shop and he loves his employees and he had an employee named Albert Albert pushing seventy I was really starting to have a lot of trouble physically doing the very physical labor involved in the auto shop and is Rudy said about Albert I could tell his age and the physicality of the job we're starting to take a toll and so we wanted to know why was still working he could see he was really struggling to work and Albert said there he didn't have enough money to pay off his mortgage and when he had the mortgage paid off he was going to retire and so just something he told Rudy and didn't really think about it and then Albert all of a sudden finds out then his boss Rudy the owner of the shop had written a check and paid off the balance of his mortgage and.

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