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Charlene temple is a province so okay panda is in triumph province so it's a it's actually took different state totally different so so so actually the united states when we count like at alaska is bigger than china you don't count the contaminants are contiguous united states p china's large but when we add alaska in the united states actually has more land mass but but so china is very very large and you can drive for a long time and there are many different cultures what what i have to ask you this question because i'm always food is always on my mind always hungry i some food in china how it's so funny i keep bringing in something i always forget it was i was there exactly sixteen years ago like next week and there was a fruit in shanghai that was in season that is like not found in the united states you can't buy it so it's not like she or something is the one that you always see here it what but it was a red large red berry with a big seed and it was almost like a gigantic raspberry but super super sweet is not lichi though it was a different fruit somebody once told me like oh it's a and i make i gotta write that down and i wrote it i totally forgot i've never seen it sold in the united states but it was in shanghai was in season at the beginning of june and it was the super super sweet food fruit and i couldn't get enough of it with harris harris and had like the little knobs on like a raspberry does relaxed berry but they were smaller knobs and there was almost like a strawberry big yes back i wanna say it was more of a dark red back raid what it is what's your favorite.

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