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I want to say something really quick because it's fresh on my mind, but if yell aren't following Matt Selman and all the other Simpsons writers on Twitter yeller making a mistake. But he recently tweeted, just like a little like apple notes, doc of like different terms that they, you know, toss around the Simpsons writers room, and there's one that's going to be forever burned in my brain. And it's called shrug. Oh when a character says a line while shrugging, that's what they call. It. Shrug. Oh, I love it so much. There's so many other great ones on their turn example. I don't know just. Just. No. There wasn't an exhibit. Look out for keep an eye out. Yeah. But yet, let's show. We just get into this episode. Sure. So it starts off with with the crusty show. I always start by watching an actual TV. I want to also note the TV room in this episode is weird. I was gonna say living room looks weird. Yes. So I love the very complicated relationships. It's crusty continues to have with all of his sideshow characters. And I love that. For some reason, it's demeaning to melt have to orchestrate or conduct monkey orchestra. I think that that's the utmost like skilled maestro would be the monkey maestro. I think would be like that you want to adopt forward. I think it's I think had that one monkey not fucked it up it would have been like triumphant feet. Like, I want to write that story. Thank you should. But basically one of the monkeys isn't doing a very good job. Singing and gets poked in the eye, and that leads him and the other monkeys to attack Mel the sound effects that are happening during that are truly disgusting. I'm unsure if we all have asked them are we all love to study sound, but it's it's really key. And it made me very uneasy study sound I left his study sound back in your apartment. Just where? It's usually Nadia clip. Yeah. I enjoy that. Nobody I agree. And it's funny because you know, as we've talked about a lot on the show. You also know it's Bill Oakley Josh Weinstein episode because it has monkeys like at minute to they monkeys. It's one of the top funniest things that you can do in in comedy. But we have the beginning of this episode focusing on Maggie and having it be her birthday is you know, that very classic sort of Simpson's way in that doesn't at all really connect to what the bulk of this episode was about, but I I love how it connects so organically where you know, we have mcghee's birthday, of course. And that the whole family has to come over which includes both Abe Simpson and Jacqueline Bouvier Marge's mom, and I love the gag at the beginning where you know, grandpa doesn't even get the right house, and he's knocking on a neighbor going the juries. Juries kit figure things out. Mean I also really love the fact that this is the episode where we learned that maggie's kind of a bitch because she doesn't get along with the other babies, and I believe we are getting our first appearance of the one eyed. Chiro? So funny. I I love Lisa's lines livery, and I will also say like, I think five obviously loves up until eight. And then how long you go after that is everyone's personal preference. But five it's it's been going on for five years, which is a really good spot. Because the voice acting is still so good like, you know, I'm not saying they phoned it in, but like they just have so much in their performances here. And I think like Lisa's performance or not well, you get it. But like the way that Lisa says like we didn't invite the other babies Maggie doesn't get along with the other babies so good Mike and just such an excellent story there, even if they hadn't pointed to Gerald you would have been like what happened..

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