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XM on A lot of people thought all he does this all the time. I really think this meeting like dragging it out. And But I really think it wasn't a stunt. I think this is probably one of the tougher On any he had revealed this much on the show yesterday. Uh, I think this is one of the tougher Contract decisions he's ever had to make, because you know, he's older. And you know if he's gonna seniors Yeah, and does he want? I don't mean to interrupt you. But Mirian from Brooklyn's on the line for us. What? Yes. By Marianne. Welcome to the Oh yeah. Jason, how it was calling you on your voicemail is full yesterday. You believe that? He's just talking about it now, Congratulations that we have 5 400 years. Do you believe in When we wait, Wait, wait one Howard trying to call me yesterday? Yeah, he said your voicemail is full, he said Jason from the Jason Show. You're the only Jason from the Jason so I know he just said it. Seriously. I wouldn't lie. Oh, my goodness. I wonder why I want a boy. Careful, I guess so. I didn't think so. So but, Wow. Yeah. What happened? I'll have to tell Gary, I'll have I'll have to tweet Gary, that I'll delete my voicemail so he can try again. Right now. You see? Oh, seriously. Marianne, isn't this good news? Is that this great news? Turning called it and everything that's been going on and how it could work from the bunker and he the content. The last like 89 months has been incredible considering the conditions of trying at the very beginning, getting everything in order. And it's just amazing the quality of the show and the guests and also the fact that how it doesn't have to do it. But he wants because he knows that his fans love him. And there's a big bond between the audience and the staff and how it's incredible. Nobody has that, Jason nobody, you know. You know Mary and Mary Ann, you could speak to this better than most. I said this on the TV show yesterday. You know, One of the reasons Howard is who Howard is is because he's evolved. You know, people that really aren't people that really aren't fans of his always lead with always a shock jock and I set it on the show yesterday. Anybody that says that is not a fan, because the reason Howard is the broadcaster he is is because he evolves. He isn't he isn't doing the same jokes and bits that he did in the eighties and nineties. Right, Marianne. It's his evolution like a mighty saying crazy marrying that I wasn't 17 like If I would have had a hammer yesterday at 17. I would have broken open the safe for the hammer. But they opened up the safe, you know, to reveal it was a big Yeah, Take a baby. But I had no idea. But anyway, you're right. Everybody has to evolve the world changes and we have to change with the world and we have to be open minded and and keep our eyes open and ears to listen to what's happening, And that's what how it does. I mean, people are stupid saying that shock, Doc, I mean, How it got in with the shots up because nobody was doing that he was an innovator. But as time goes on, you changed that as the world turns and how it turned. That's what I say. Great breaking so on the planet, you know. That's whenever that is so true. It's so funny, Marianne as you called me, I am now getting inundated with tweets. People going. Howard's talking about you right now. Oh, my God, that quick need. Oh, baby, Mary, and I'm gonna instagram. I'm going to send you a message with the other phone number that that's the hotline. Very good. Yeah, It's like the normal ones that Sally I don't want to see on him any longer. No, No, no. No. Yes. Oh, wow. Okay. She just called in She just called the riot just ran from the bathroom and the phone was ringing. And oh, my, my my foot just really either so mad right now I am mad. My voice mail. I didn't know what was fully. I don't know. It could be full on an iPhone. No one could be full. However. Oh, no. Stern called me and my voicemail was full. Does he have like a work? No. We had my phone number. Oh, he has remember. He called me a year ago. You're in half ago or whatever. So he Gary has Baba Booey has my number and Howard has my number and Oh, my heart. My stomach. My stomach is like I'm conflicted. Like Oh, my goodness. Howard tried calling me. Oh, my goodness. Howard's talking about me, but Do you have a Nicole? No. Oh, no, Jace. No, I don't know. I've never answer my phone. He's probably called me too. Oh, well, if anybody, everybody tweet, Howard and telling my voicemail is deleted. Yeah, I literally did the whole thing talking. I deleted the whole thing. There's plenty around the room. Everybody calm a I've now deleted everything. Oh, my God. Goodness. Yeah! Wow will save one's in there. But Oh, my goodness. I know ever Yeah, he'll call again. Don't worry the whole again. I've got like 30 tweets. Everybody's telling me to clean out my voicemail. God. Oh, jeez. How fun is that, though? Yeah, it's great. But it would be better if.

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