Sam Brash, Colorado, Jared Polis discussed on Weekend Edition Saturday


Extinguish the wildfires that whipped through subdivisions northwest of Denver earlier this week The full extent of the damage is still being assessed with at least 500 homes destroyed making the Marshall fire the most destructive ever in the whole state Colorado public radio Sam brash has been covering the fires from the start and it's here to explain what happened and why they were so destructive Thanks for being here Thanks for having me So as we said a full picture of the damage is still being put together what do we know about how dangerous this fire was to people Well there's no doubt that it was dangerous Two whole towns Louisville and superior had to evacuate forcing more than 30,000 people to flee What's pretty amazing though is that so far there haven't been any reports of fatalities at a press conference governor Jared polis said it was a testament to the evacuation effort If we're granted this new year's miracle of no loss of life it truly is nothing short of miraculous If not all people got out and are safe and we as their friends and neighbors and fellow coloradans are going to do everything we can to help them rebuild their lives The photos that we're seeing of this are just devastating entire neighborhoods wiped off the map all that's left or blackened trees the foundations of big houses apartment complexes we've seen similar photos from previous fires in Colorado but it sounds like this one was different Yeah and the big difference was the setting Previous wildfires have mainly played out in mountain towns and remote national forests These were grass fires that started out on the plains at the foot of the mountains and then blew into neighborhoods burning from backyard to backyard across completely ordinary suburbs Grass fires on the prairies around Colorado's most populous cities aren't really that unusual but typically they can be put out pretty quickly What was different this time is the.

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