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On new mortgages on the first seven hundred fifty thousand dollars at current house proposal caps it at five hundred thousand and the current law is at a million dollars some other changes as well on the individual tax aside we're hearing the gop is eyeing a top rate of thirty seven percent and corporate taxes were now told the gop is leaning toward a twenty one percent rate not as low as the twenty percent that had been targeted before but it's still far lower than the current 35 percent julia no back here in asia to sheba and western digital have settled their fight over the sale of two shave as chip pianist western digital is now agreeing to drop arbitration claims in the us there were aimed at blocking a saint billion dollar sale of the unit to a group led by bostonbased bank capital and in tokyo we are saying to sheba shares of one and a half percent at three hundred and eleven yen more drama and trouble ever noble group were told the embattled hong kong commodities trader is now talking with creditors about a conventional restructuring that includes a debtforequity swap more from bloomberg's yvonne man noble as expecting a proposal from creditors to restructure up to three and a half billion dollars in debt nobles market value is under a hundred and nine indeed million dollars wale less than that net debt of three to half billion meaning that the debt for equity swaps in the expected restructuring plan has the potential to wipe out a significant portion of the shareholdings of current investors but the talks are still ongoing and those involved say new developments could still occur in hong kong ib von ma'am bloomberg daybreak asia their regional index here in asia pretty flat bentley are saying westfield lift the real estate sector high let's get the latest on asian market extra mcduck risen duck or a truly we're seeing a stronger yen were.

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