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So the Ron mentioned, you're doing research. On this history, you're talking with people descendants and colony members experiences and memories. And you just mentioned they lived in refurbished boxcars. That's really fascinating. Can you explain what was life like for laguna people on a day to today basis who actually lived in these colonies? Well, they did everything that they did back home. They visited silvers on the women, basically stayed home, the men had the job. And at some point, some men went by themselves and then later on their families joined in. And they would. I'm sorry, go ahead, finish your thought. I'm sorry. They will have saved their dinners. They won't go on kind of like a tribal hunt. The men will gather. They will pass their dances, they're kind of like their feast day, celebrate Christmas and traditional, so really they took their cultural activities and rituals with them. And so that's I think what really maintained their connectiveness and language to back home. So other than having that wage economy there and access to education, basically live their lifestyle, but in another place. Thelma, this is really a story about a Diaspora. Can you share with us any specific stories from people that you interviewed? Oh, yes. My grandfather was actually stationed in Diallo. And my father would be sent on the train and he talked about the railroad passes. My grandmother would give him a list of items or supplies. And so when he got there, it would be met by my grandfather. And they go to the general store and get the list of their paid it with his wages from the railroad. And then within two days or so, a come back out and deliver it to laguna. That's how my whole family didn't actually go there with mainly my grandfather. But there was always visitations and with that real wealth path was really great for commuting because many people didn't have vehicles out there on the day. And one of the other stories was my brothers in law that. I'm sorry, we're going to have to go to break here and just a minute, so I'm going to go ahead and let you save that story for after break. Do you have a comment or question for today's show, please call us now one 809 9 6.

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