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Five eight eight five six two seven. If you've got thoughts on what happened with the warriors yesterday or just your thoughts on on? What exactly was the landing spot foul, and it's it's a little bit more fun. I feel like to talk about this on the winning side of it. Because I do think there's a point of contention with this stuff with exactly what we can Dima foul, and what we can't deal. But when it happens to your team like if we were talking about the warriors. In a one zero four one hundred loss and these were foul called the warriors felt like they should have gotten. I think our opinions might be a little bit more skewed. So I'm liking this discussion with the text line people checking on whether or not they think it's a foul. Dave. I mean think about somebody the Houston Rockets equivalent of Shaun Livingston fouling Steph curry in that position. We don't we. Oh, come on. Able to land. Landing spun wherever he has his land. I will I will say this though, as or your fan, I think we all know Steph not getting that calls for James Harden's getting that call he is not that was what that's member. That was always a Bob Fitzgerald's thing. This is how you know. Steph is not a superstar was before he went to seventy PG. That's how you know. He's a superstar. He's not getting the superstar calls yet. A guy who is getting the superstar calls fifteen free. Throw attempts. Another thirty five points yesterday said, hey, man, it wasn't a foul calls that loss it for the rockets. We just outhustled them. Kevin Durant after the game they feed off, officer rebounds. They had three of them. We all rebound in about twelve. But like I said the turnovers really kept them in a game. You know, we had a twenty two twenty four six, and, but you know, I also game and and get loose balls and being there for for each other jobs and just playing hard every possession. I think if we continue to do that. And and and had that approach every night. I think I saw the shape. Yeah. I mean, we talked about it earlier in the series with the the clippers that the warriors just we're not rebounding enough. Last night. And you can look for a four point ball game between the rockets and the warriors you can chalk it up to a whole bunch of stuff. You can say when it's that close. We didn't get foul calls should add more free throw attempts. Whatever it is. But if you look at the rebounding totals, and that's where I like to go to me, rebounding. Third down efficiency in the NFL. Right. What did you do on third down? What did you do with runners in scoring position? When you go out, and you rebound, and you win the rebounding battle fifty two to thirty nine. It's a whole lot easier to win ballgames. So Steve Kerr said that same thing we set the tone, first and foremost on the defensive side of the ball. Kevin Durant said after the game to when we're at our best. It's not because our offense is clicking. It's because the defense's clicking Steve cursing and they didn't play a sharp game. But they played a defensive. Well, I thought our guys did a great job. He so hard to guard with that step back with his ability to get to the rim. So you just have to do your best and try not to follow him. He got fourteen free throws. But I couldn't be more happy with the effort, focus. It's a five-man game. When you're James. It's not about just the one guy. Who's on the other four guys have to be in the right spots to help. And I thought our defense was excellent tonight. It's a five-man game when your garden James, I hopefully, hopefully the warriors just win and five and then we can just started calling him five-game, James. That'd be nice. Dave you like that one? I'll go with that a five game James. Plenty of sound from the Houston Rockets and they're complaining after yesterday's one. Oh, four one hundred loss to the words. We're going to dive into that. And don't you forget don't you think that I went all weekend. And did not notice that the San Francisco forty Niners drafted a frequent punter in the fourth round. We got John Lynch is a explanation on. Why was he went with the punter? I know he's Australian I know I got the trillion roots and the ties Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie that whole thing. It's a punter in the fourth round, Dave we're gonna have to get your take on it. Because that's the most raider move. In the fourth round, unless you're talking about taking a kicker in the first round shadow tobacco Jankowski who just retired hung it up yesterday. How about that kick his ass? Ciba's some good governments. Thank you hard sound coming up on the sports leader. We're basically, how do we beat the warriors? Sees the leadoff spot. With Adam Copeland on KNB are six.

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