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Working in the food service industry can be extremely frustrating especially when you start hearing customer complaints my water doesn't have enough ice in it now my water has too much is in it you know what forget to water i'll just have a diet rc cola with three chunks of ice that's it dealing with those customers day in and day out can become exhausting very quickly but now there's a new problem that waiters and waitresses have been dealing with customers all over the country are actually manipulating restaurants with a special complaint that's becoming more and more common what am i talking about restaurant goers are actually faking food allergies so they can get a dish made exactly their way you to do this in the eighties and mcdonald's she say that she'd have to have french fries with no salt just so that they would have to make a whole new batch of french fries trendsetter right for example if you want caesar salad but you don't like the taste of anchovies in the dressing or something like that instead of simply ordering a different salad you'll ask the waiter if they can make a salad without anchovies and claim it's because you have a seafood allergy seriously if there's an anchovies anywhere near that solid i could probably go an active shock and die right here in mill restaurant do you want that blood on your hands i don't think you do so run along and make sure there are no intel vs if you don't like anchovies in caesar salad dressing don't order the caesar salad like that just seems like the logical thing to me the idea is that if you tell people you have an allergy to a particular food then the kitchen has to take request more seriously because they don't want to risk a lawsuit and these are the same people that say that their dog is therapy dog just that they can bring it on the plane right i do that one will you now more and more people are lying about things that they're allergic to just so they can get what they want when they eat out according to the.

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