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Gary wrote that he's making a joke. You guys doing her persons. I'm glad he wrote the joke because if he told it, we wouldn't laugh I'm not sure what that means. Let's do the beer cooler. G. M. P. Cooler. Never thrown away I'm going I because jail. You're absolutely right. This is a total six. This is a great beer. it kind of like a sprite. A beer mixed together. You mean the Shandy. No I mean a sprite and a beer mixed together a shanty, which was actually the best song off the kiss on Mastel, nine, thousand, nine, hundred I'm talking about sprite and appear mixed together. A. Huge Australia. This is a sexually their favorite song by kiss. This is home for me. I wish they had this all the time. This would be a Goto beer for me. You can expect more kiss knowledge like that on the kiss episode. That'll be coming up. It's no clown shoes, Gary, but it's a good beer Chris. We playing Peter Chris. Sabrina will be Gary Sharon. Laura. You know what I think about the FX. Yeah, I what? I'm right I love when I'm right. Why is it a six because I like it, that's it. I don't I can't really go into details, but finished it, and it's really good and I could drink another one. All right, we'll speaking of not going into details about beer some data. I like it's a six. It was nice and refreshing like the. Bible said. And I could drink. Six colors are nice. Colors are nice, I like the Blues yes. All right beer master. Oh, we're going to go sixers all around on this one. I love this spirit is one of my favorite beers. I look forward to the summer. Just for this beer also has a picture of Lemons and hops on it. 'CAUSE hops are great. Because this is a sprite and a beer mixed again, it is technically a radler which has a more seltzer tone to it, okay? Maybe. That's why I like so that's. A difference between the six. Islands South as I've been drinking and. I love this spirit. It's one of my favorite beers. It's tough to find so if you have a Sam Adams variety pack for the summer around. Please get it just for this beer. It is definitely worth it I. Think this is actually better than summary L.. It's much more refreshing. It's smoother. I could drink it all summer long really. All right. We'll six as all the way around the League at food to make, and we've got a theater presentation to watch. Our our, so we're going to watch shows. Donna. Its Fourth of July weekend. We're going to watch the greatest fourth of July. Movie ever made independence say jaws. Know, what I'd like to see Giles on Three D. No. But. Driven yes. They just showed it at the Lakeland drive-in. Nobody invited me I would have gone. We are not leading down. It's my favorite movie of all time. Nobody should watch it with me. I will sit there and quoted the entire time. I don't think I've ever fully seen it. Yeah. We're having a movie nights bring. We're GONNA. Watch all four of them. Movie You really need to watch the first. We're going to. Watch all four. Second to our hysterical for all the right reasons and he scary thing every time I go to seaworld scary will now now now there's more of a space like. Okay the first two are good. I like the first. The first two are good I like how the second one picks up. Two years after the other, so it does reference it. They did a good job there, but the third one where they go to seaworld is just it turns it all comedy right after that. Yeah, so wait a minute forever. Go back into this shark encounter at seaworld. Yelled at in the shark encounter, because apparently you're not supposed to run on the moving walkway like there's actual great white coming at you and they're tiny aquarium you. Say. The first one happens. And then two years later. On yeah same, another shift shows up. No No, now we. It's always a different. Road jaws at universal so I was there. When afraid is right ever? When they they kill the shark so I was really confused those two years later same scenario scenario. Yeah, they still haven't learned right. No, the mayor learned now. Is just a greedy home developer. That hasn't learned excellent much like it's. Real life. Yeah, and then the third one is, it's in seaworld. Maybe they should have put a statue of drawing, and then the fourth one is just a great way shark that has a personal vendetta against the family the. Fourth wants the worst one, but it's just fun to watch because you at the time. The Michael Caine actually won an academy award and couldn't accept it because he was too busy. foaming jaws for. A for now, that's God's revenge. Yeah, okay, JAWS! The revenge jaws gets revenge jobs the fourth one. Technically the fifth, but the fourth shark the fifth shark gets revenge. I Brown. Who is he getting revenge for a Holl Brody family? That killed his dog, so he's. Out Get revenge yeah. Name is John Wick. Coming alive. Watch that movie John. Wick were a shark I'm there. Come alive, live daily start watching channel wiggle show I watched all the John. Wick does a really good, but like wasn't it on a TV? Usually they are. That's how you watch movies I. Close. It is good I've never seen John Wick. It's great yeah. We started at I think at my mom's house. I have trouble watching. Because all I ever pictures, Bill and Ted's excellent. That's the one that needs to come out to Disney plus. Bill and Ted face the music you see the trailer. It looked okay, but I will definitely see that movie. Yeah, I will see it all right. We gotta sign up, but you have to go into John. Wick knowing that it is all about the action and not about dialogue WHOA. Well. All right. I'm Christopher false. I'm Sabrina Pierre Jail Tros. I'm Laura by by catch on the flippity flop. STAY FRESH CHEESE BAGS? I started doing other people's kept. Catchphrase. I was like why by say Laura's by. I got my own, and then I got nervous and I panicked, so I stole jails. Let's going on. The first one. I have catchphrase. By. That's true. Oh, you didn't know there. That's true..

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