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I think that. I've been an environmentalist for many many decades. But what made me kind of leap from my seat and decide to move to dc and start what has come to be known as fired row. Fridays was reading. Naomi klein's book on fire the burning issue of green new deal. Because what she did was. She explained the science in a way that really that really got to me and that. An because people are environmentalists and climate activists and they never mentioned fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are at the center of the climate crisis. Yes there are other things methane from animals and various But the main culprit is fossil fuels and what naomi showed me is the science. Scientists are saying that we absolutely must not allow warming to go above one point five degrees celsius above what it was before we began to burn fossil fuels before the industrial revolution. That is very specific. One point five degrees celsius and we have to do that by cutting our fossil fuel emissions in half by twenty thirty. That's so clear and so specific and even in their new report that came out very recently the global climate scientists. Say the same thing we have now. Nine years left and We have to cut our fossil fuel emissions in half so you know in the in the wake of ida and all the destruction in the fires in the flooding and so forth the talking heads on television. During that week i noticed. Nobody mentioned fossil fuels in mentioned. This is a catastrophe. It's it's colbrad. We have to move towards green energy and everything but people don't talk about fossil fuels so i decided that i have a platform on a movie star. I have a hit tv series behind me grace. And frankie that are flying went to washington and i engaged in civil disobedience that would put me in a position where i was risking getting arrested..

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