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Riding Tio Joe Biden's rescue Yesterday as one of America's most famous news outlets. The New York Post publisher publishes a story that has details that are damaging for Joe Biden and buy Bye implicitly. That would be helpful to Donald Trump. His opponent's candidacy is damaged. So therefore, the big tech companies Twitter and Facebook banned people from posting the links to that story band The New York Post itself from Twitter Band, the White House Press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany from being on Twitter for daring to share the story. And banned so many others for even trying to discuss it. Contents depression rampant yesterday all around this story. Let's talk about with Peter Hanson. He's an investigative editor at the Daily News Foundation and the author of the Manipulators, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Big Tex War on Conservatives. Peter Good Morning. Good Morning, Vince. What did you think of yesterday's events? This seemed like one of the biggest affronts to conservatives We've seen yet at a big check. Oh, my goodness. Yeah, it was. It was an earthquake. Just in terms of this, your magnitude of of of of how far These tech companies have now gone, but the same time in some ways, it's really a culmination of the past four years of Ah left wing, you know, fearmongering about misinformation. What unquote. Social media. Um, in pressuring, you know, Facebook and Twitter to crack down on it get quote. Misinformation by which, Of course, they mean You know information that helps people on the ray, of course, because you know, as far as I know, I've researched thoroughly. There's no evidence of Twitter or Facebook. You know, suppressing, we steal stuff. There's no evidence of of, uh, of Twitter and Facebook, you know, suppressing any number one of Russia's stories that blowing up so it's it's not really about misinformation. It's about power. Um, and that that is really what it is Just so, um, just just jaw dropping about what we saw yesterday. Is that this raw exercise of power to the way that appears Teo certainly help one kid it over. The other, based on the flimsy rationale is so Peter did the big tech companies just slit their own throats. Or is this something that for them is well worth it and they bank on Joe Biden winning and then this all goes away. Yeah, You know, I think it's very much a sign of his company's lacing it bad. Um, that show Biden is goingto win. And that Democrats are going to retake the Senate. And so they are now are now trying to do everything they can to make sure that they keep democratic. Ah, politicians happy. And that means suppressing the story they want suppressed and, you know, promoting the stories they want to be promoted. And so we're really only going to. You know, if all the polling forecasts hold way, we really are only going to see a lot more of this. Yeah, going forward, because, Yeah. Peter Weir. Why are journalists sharing this done? Even if their liberal journalist for a long time liberals have often been the defenders of free.

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