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Looking back at the world of sports. It's the I Heart radio weekend Sports Time capsule. What's going on sports fans of Sandy West and I'm here to take you on a journey back to this week in sports history. We'll start off this week in 1921, the New York Yankees purchased 10 Acres and the Bronx for the Future Yankee Stadium. This week in 1926, the NFL rules the college students are ineligible until they graduate college jumping ahead this week in 1969. John Madden is named head coach of the NFL's Oakland Raiders. He retired from coaching after the 1978 seasons. This week in 1973, the New York Islanders and Buffalo sabers playing almost unheard of penalty free game. This'll Week in 1989 Kareem Abdul Jabbar becomes the first NBA player to score 38,000 points. This'll week in 1990 Notre Dame Bucks the College Football Association and becomes the first college to sell its home games to a major network, agreeing to a five year contract with NBC that would begin in 1991 This'll weekend. 1995 John Stockton of the Utah Jazz surpasses Magic Johnson to become the all time assist leader appropriately. Stockton's record breaking assist came on a basket from Karl Malone, who had been Stockton's primary recipient his entire career. And this week in 2007, the Indianapolis Colts defeat the Chicago Bears, 29 to 17 and Super Bowl 41. Laid in Miami. It was Peyton Manning's first Super Bowl win. He also won the M.

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