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The team together and you know dare i say like start playing like the patriots again that's the thing everybody was thinking about the game against the chargers it was the most patriots game they had seen at least all season and maybe a couple of season and while everyone wants to you know point out that it could very well have just been something as simple as well check in brady are gonna just you know they get out of bed they went at least ten games or eleven and you know start every season with an a._b._c. east championship well there may be some truth to that i think the biggest thing was health i think gronk needed some time off because at this point he's not even a real person he's franken gronk he's stitch together from the parts of so many different seasons i mean the guy had surgery on everything and it's not easy to play tight end and be a six offense lineman at that on a regular basis in this offense and brady i think he was playing with the m._c. l. thing so the extra time off that he got you know i i guess you could call them play buys when you have the the bills and the jets in december at home to wrap up the east and then he gets the extra time before the chargers and then finally the fact that they've kind of committed to this twenty one personnel formation offense where they're just imposing their will with the middle of their line -tuni- andrews and big shack mason just pushing people around left and right and sony michelle and birkhead they they've kind of become more traditional taking advantage of everybody playing smaller safeties in the box and having those sort of like television smith sized linebackers the pats are just going back to good old fashioned smash mouth football and then that sets brady up as opposed to telling brady you have to go out there and win the game all by yourself and it's kind of it's it's more traditional than i'm used to but it's really fun to watch i mean you know it's not remnants of two thousand one because that's a little too extreme example but that was eighteen that did run the ball atonomy light so much less on brady than than those teams after the you know that that sixteen though season did where brady was really took a step forward and was the guy we know now as capital t. capital be tom brady but it has been a more balanced attack has been against teams who were you know the chargers very good against the run against the ravens and the wildcard game the chiefs of course struggled against the run all year so you know it wasn't like they played teams have had terrible defensively played one team that had a terrible run defense and we saw it hap- late and that gps came brady when they needed brady to come through in with a couple of drives to win the game he did and also gronk record kathy came through with a couple of big catches late in the fourth quarter against the chiefs to overtime as well to win that game for the patriots in terms of gronk it feels like he's been around forever this is a guy who still somehow only twenty nine years old hasn't even turned thirty for a guy who you know at times you watch him play at this point and you think about that dolphins in the final game thinking might be closer to forty than thirty but obviously still incredibly impactful when the patriots do call on him to make a play and someone who is still a phenomenal athlete where does he stand for you in terms of the players you're gonna remember from this patriots dynasty when it's all said and done yeah it's funny you mentioned that because at the same time i liked to mention how could the team that lost you know they call it the miracles down there and i'm glad they made t shirts and banners seven nine season for single boy that's great the you know the miami meltdown for the patriots like gronk looked like grandpa getting out of the recliner to have to answer the door because nobody else was there to get low on that last play as kenyan drake was running into the end zone i think everyone thought he was cooked to see him come back to life and play.

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