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Available to you at a given time like how are you picking what threads are important to you and is that something that's evolved over the last few years as you've like settled in kind of a veteran reporter now yeah i i think one thing that i've noticed over the the years and certainly don't mean this to come off in any way bragging if anything it's really just a testament to like john herman and map buchanan's and bent smith our editor in chief original view for what tech should be at buzzfeed but it's this idea that we sort of for a bunch of years twenty thirteen twenty fourteen twenty fifteen really we were sort of playing around on the fringes of a lot of these things we were very early on deeply skeptical of facebook but also you know take something like gamer gate right when that sort of bubbled up in twenty fourteen joe bernstein my colleague who who is set next to me this for the last five years as we've been dealing with this stuff it seemed like a really sort of niche story about gamers and online harassment that maybe wasn't worth the time of many main stream media organizations in our sort of theory the entire time has been like follow that weird threat 'cause all this you know dark stuff that's happening on the internet like there are real people behind that and those are real ideologies that are worth looking at and who knows you know who knows how this might bubble up or what kind of permutations of might have what mainstream associations might catch on and in guam themselves onto this kind of narrative and joe started covering that gamer gay phenomenon and i know there were people sam biddle gawker you know there were people who definitely immerse themselves in that world too but you know joe had this really comprehensive approach as like this is this isn't just a little flare up on a message board this is part of a culture war and yeah and if you look at joe's reporting as that is evolved you know he's kind of just kept taking that narrative and building it and immersing himself in that world and teasing out and doing original on the ground reporting with those.

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