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And be heard Fox News channel The voices America trusts It's ten 18 Now traffic and weather on the 8s to read a Kessler in the traffic center We're still seeing delays on the beltway This would be the outer loop of the beltway now after river road headed across the American legion bridge near Georgetown pike the crash in the right lane Interloop local lanes on the Woodrow Wilson bridge there was a broken down dump truck about mid span in the right lane You do come up on it at speed so in those local links just stick to the left to avoid any issues Also in the district are heading into the district actually on inbound Clara Barton Parkway seeing a major delay headed toward the light at chain bridge and canal road Keep an eye out for any traffic light issues there may be a work zone There's been some traffic light issues there this morning and yesterday So just watch for any problems that may be causing that backup I two 95 D.C. two 95 no reported issues Inbound suitland Parkway looks good coming from branch avenue headed all the way to and across the Douglas bridge southeast southwest freeway running well in Virginia on 66 It is eastbound before 50 the crash reported along the left side Southbound three 95 near edsel road was a report of a broken down vehicle and northbound 28 between rugby road and Yorkshire lane you may be under police direction for the crash 95 looking good in either direction if you're in Maryland the westbound span of the bay bridge the right lane is blocked with the work also northbound four after route two There had been several crashes there keep an eye out on Macarthur boulevard in Potomac between falls red and brickyard road the road had been closed for downed wires in the roadway The Washington auto show is back opening at noon on Friday featuring test drives in an amazing array of new electrics tickets and details at Washington auto show dot com Masks and proof of vaccination required I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic All right what's in store for us today chuck bell Where we get that northwest wind out there and that's keeping the cloud cover pretty much in place The wind is pretty much perpendicular to the mountains so we get these little wave clouds so you get a little period.

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