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And it's like, while she's driving a truck, like a giant truck and he is just totally unsympathetic in many ways, and I think that it's just a really great performance. And I think that to me showing sort of the ways in which we see Alana in some ways either come close to being sexualized or is sexualized in some ways and the way the movie treats it and I think overall does a pretty good job. This brings us to inevitably to John Michael Higgins. I love this actor, man. But his character owns a Japanese restaurant, and we see him with a couple different Japanese wives over the course of the film. To whom he speaks in English with this crazy Mickey Rooney in breakfast at Tiffany's Japanese accent, hold for laugh and both times it happens. It just stops the film dead and it casts the stink over the scene and every scene that follows it. You're just sitting here going why now? When folks have pointed this out, critics have pointed this out other people have put this out. They tend to come in for some attack from white film Bros who are like, why are you making such a big deal out of this? It's a throwaway joke. It's like 30 seconds in the movie, why does so much of the conversation around this film have to do with that throwaway joke? It's because it's a throwaway joke. Yeah. Exactly. It's exactly why. Because it adds nothing and only subtracts. Right. And it's not just a throwaway joke. It's a throwaway joke that takes up full scenes, like two full scenes in the movie. And there's another moment with the Jack Holden character played by Sean Penn, where he's just like rambling on about his life. And he says, you know, I saw two of my best black friends beheaded in the Congo. That to me is like a throw away. It works because and it isn't as blatantly offensive because it's clearly part of this character the way he talks, it happens and it goes by in a blink of an eye. And you can imagine someone saying that. And Paul Thomas Anderson's excuse for putting in the John Michael Higgins thing has been like when asked about this in The New York Times, he said, my mother in law's Japanese and my father in law is white. So seeing people speak English to her with a Japanese accent, it's something that happens all the time..

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