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Calcutta Buffy, just short that guy. Watches Star Trek that Guy Watches Star Trek is a lose I feel like we should share this picture with audience, so they can turn on their own whether that guy watches startup or not. Welcome to the Darren Smith show the voice as the one that brings us back soon am radio. Lorraine King wants more. Now here's Darren. On xtra thirteen sixty. Jim Russell Jim Russell just said I'm hot. Not Lying that takes on a whole new meaning here today. Thanks to the face, APP our number three. It has extra thirteen FM one zero, three three in the iheartradio, APP. We have a tweet from baseball insider. It's Joel Sherman, and it says the following it is beyond five pm Eastern. No official word yet from MLB or the Players Association. Maybe it is like the trade deadline when deals are made late, not revealed until after the actual deadline has passed. Or more. Maybe not. There's insider Joel Sherman from MLB network. tweeting breaking the silence from all the MLB insiders today, and as he said maybe. Or, maybe not because that's what I'm there for that type of ambiguity from reporters. Let's say a Lotta Scott Lewis. Voices San Diego. Scott has been kind enough to join us to Philipson on everything that's going on in the world in the absence of sports. Because this doesn't. This isn't sports, and this is this nonsense, but we don't have it and we've got some European. Soccer and yesterday there was a Nascar race and people watch, and there's been A. A little bit of Golf, but for the most part we're living in a world without sports now going on fourteen weeks and Scott's been good enough to talk about the thing that impacts all of us which has been the pandemic, some of the issues and protests and things of that nature Scott Darren. Thank you very much for your time..

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