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RN. That's 88 9 6 6 four 7 7 6. Now here's Bobby Newman, and Ed de rosa. What do you mean and welcome to the leaders of the wrist net dot com call in show here on the horse racing radio network, Bobby Newman and action Ed derosa, live from the beautiful del mar thoroughbred club. We are on the eve of breeders cup 2021, 5 breeders cup events tomorrow for the two year olds 9 breeders cup events on Saturday for the older horse is going to be beautiful weather conditions here at del mar in the mid 60s, both days, no chances of rain, and sunny skies, Edd. It just does not get any better than this. No, that's the draw to Southern California for sure, very envious that you get to be out there in those conditions for some of the best racing. In the world, but rest assured, I'll be involved in the wagering pools at the very least. We were not worried about that by any stretch of the imagination. It's not a question of if it's a question of how often and how much and what kind of plays that you're interested in. Of course, the number to call us 8 8 8 9 6 6 four 7 7 6 triple 8 9 6 6 four 7 7 6 call in. We want to know who you like, who you dislike in the breeders cup and of course we'll be getting ideas from Ed all afternoon long. While before we go to the phone's Ed, right now, it's time for the blood horse news update and to look at the top headlines from blood horse.

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