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It's the article that they wrote that was just that was the perfect article. And you WanNa, keep those memories all right. Let's talk racing a little bit. Kinda shifted gears there, so I wanted to pull a few things from your career in the first being that when we did this could be dangerous for me. I'm thinking about different things. My old boy where she got this. So, when we talked in late two thousand eighteen for the PODCAST, and we had a few minutes when you were filling in for Casey. Cain we only of scratch the surface there are a little bit, but back then you told me that you had never actually retired and I wanted to ask and you kinda hinted on a few minutes ago that you know. Hey, maybe you'll jump in something later this year. So is it one of those things? Things where you're still not technically retired if you have the chance, would you still like to get behind the wheel of something? I love driving race cars. I love going fast. I, love the adrenaline. I love the competition like I'd love that, so absolutely would in a heartbeat and I'm not saying I'm actively pursuing anything because I'm not again. I am focused on TV in that is as old as rb. The Best Guy TV that I can. Can be a TV and I want to be the. You know the best guy that somebody that everybody says like he's made. You know what he's one of the best ever talk about a race car on TV in a way that I can understand at her away that I can appreciate or whatever it may be with US said a big part of me. Doing that is the fact that I'd love the race car side of it also and. And I love the driving side of the aisle. I just don't know that I would ever use. The word retired I. You know I look at a guy like Kenny Wallace. Right and he'd never used the word retired now. He's off racing dirt cars whole would if I want to go race cars, forty five or fifty years old, if I'm not doing TV somewhere down the road I won't use that word. I think that words just to. I think it's to a permanent to call and I'm only thirty six also. That's I joked about it actually literally yesterday with Aj Almond. Dinger I was talking to him, and basically I was cracking on because Daytona and I said look. Aj niggers out of retirement for this Daytona race earlier this season any. He stopped me quick. He's like Whoa Whoa Whoa way never retired and I thought about. You know that's the same thing that kind of stuff I never retired so I think people just make the assumption out there fulltime that you're you know that you're done that. You're retired that this is. Over it and I you know I I. Don't think you can say that. was there a time? Though where you realize regan that it was starting to fade away a little bit I mean you had had fulltime rides, and then you did a little bit here a little bit there. You started the Super Sub which we've talked about before, did you? Did you realize though at one point that hey, it's. It's kind of fading away like it's slipping away here. I think I knew that when I took the job I had a pretty good idea what was going on in the garage area at the time and I could see kind of the writing on the wall in the direction, the sport was going on. Something's in in my opportunities were not going to be the opportunities to be in top sixteen car, and as I looked at the garage thought okay. If you're going to have a chance to win, you've got to be one of those top sixteen cars in nets the point where you've gotta decide Okay what my priorities in water..

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