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Qualified buyers could enjoy zero point nine percents APR on the two thousand eighteen hundred clarity plug in hybrid. Gabe dot com. Best value brand for two thousand eighteen visit you in California Honda dealers today. Incredible deals on every twenty eighteen hundred vehicle looks. Let's see dealer for financing details. Hey, sports fans. What's the best gift? You can give your kids. Your stories. Your words your voice. It doesn't matter if they're too young to talk back. They are listening, and absorbing every moment, and the more words they hear the better prepared. They'll be for school. So talk read and sing with your kids every day starting the day. They're born it'll change everything. Go to I five California dot com to learn more. So what are you reading? I'm checking out the ratings on the new TVs, and it looks like Samsung, L, G and Sony got the best scores. Just like last year. What about those new high dynamic range TV's, they got the highest scores evolve. But their prices are really high. Did you check online? As part of the American Express concert series supplies LTd. American Express, terms, conditions and restrictions apply..

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