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I'm Brian shook Andrew. Gillum says winning the democratic nominee for governor in Florida is not just about him as. I have said as, I moved all across the state. Of Florida that this thing is not about me it never has been and it never will be this race is about every, single one of, us is the, first, African American. To. Win a major party nomination for governor in Florida he'll face Republican Ron to. Santa's outgoing Republican governor Rick Scott is challenging incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson for the US Senate seat in Florida. Arizona residents will get, a chance to pay their respects to Senator John McCain before he leaves the state for the. Final time. McCain's body will lie in state at the Zona capital. Tomorrow which would have been. His eighty second birthday the public can pay. Their respects starting at two pm the confirmation hearings for, judge Brett Cavanaugh is set to begin next Tuesday he'll be introduced by former sex Of, state, Condoleeza, Rice. And Ohio Senator. Rob Portman President Trump nominated the US appeals court judge to replace Anthony Kennedy on the. US supreme court Senate. Majority leader Mitch McConnell says that attorney general Jeff Sessions should stay exactly where he is. This comes after fellow, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said the. President Trump's relationship was sessions is beyond repair the president criticised sessions in an interview last week saying that he never took control, of the Justice, department when asked, about, the attorney. General's potential firing McConnell says he thinks sessions is doing a great job and he. Should stay put Richard Jordan NBC News Radio Mississippi is joining the list of states that has a lottery. A Bill to create, a Mississippi lottery is on its way to the governor's desk after clearing the state legislature the. House narrowly. Passed the measure fifty eight fifty four in what amounts. To do over vote after. Rejecting the measure last night you're listening to. The latest from NBC News Radio The. Debate over immigrants spilled into the streets in one German, town this week. Correspondent Bill in for has that story it started Monday in the eastern German. Town of Chemnitz. When several thousand people took to the streets to demand foreigners leave the country. Meanwhile about a thousand protesters also. Joined. Them with, a message that refugees were welcome the protests were triggered by the murder of a Cuban immigrant who was well known in the city bills him for NBC. News Radio the nation's deficit in international trade. Goods is nearly four billion dollars wider today bureau of economic analysis figures out this morning show, the deficit, for, July widen to seventy two point two billion dollars that's up, from sixty eight point three billion in June a clinical psychologist says he's not surprised about the deadly shooting at, a weekend video game tournament in, Jacksonville Florida, Sara Lee Kessler reports more than a dozen shot to dead plus David. Katz who launched the rampage after losing a game Dr John Huber says the twenty four year old Baltimore man's history of mental illness. Including a suspected schizophrenic break and multiple psychiatric hospitalizations was arrested for disaster and you put hours upon.

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