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Here's Steve Bertrand right now. It is eighty-five degrees at O'Hare. Just a few clouds around President. Trump's visit with president to Putin of Russia has been delayed. Now John, they've put this off until two thousand nineteen. The national security adviser for the president, John Bolton, in a statement sites. Special counsel Robert. Muller's investigation. Into Russian. Interference in the election. Is the reason for the delay Bolton. Says quote the president believes the next bilateral meeting with President Putin. Should take place. After the Russia. Which hunt. Is over and quote more than. Thirty individuals and companies have already been charged in Muller's probe, into the interference including several high ranking aides to. Donald Trump. Three aids. Have already pleaded guilty, before the announcement today the president was asked by reporters why Putin had yet to accept, his invitation at, that meeting. President Trump was talking. With the EU Commissioner John Claude. Juncker about trade as tensions remain high. Over the tariffs the president says he expects something positive to come out. Of the meeting but he. Says a level playing field is. Needed for American farmers and manufacturers. Many countries we won't say European Union we have many countries. Where they, have massive barriers and they have massive tariffs. And we have to follow in June, President Trump, impose tariffs on steel Deal and aluminum the EU retaliated, with tariffs on American steel and agriculture Chicago, city council, has voted to rename congress Parkway after I'd be wells now a stretch of congress. Had runs, from, grant park to the Jane burn interchange will be named after the American African American journalist and anti lynching advocate to push the the push for the honor came from alderman Brendan Riley we could all argue no, one is looking to protect the name congress. These days I had to be wells certainly far more, popular than members of congress are, Ida b wells will intersect with wells street which is named, for William wells a fallen hero of the, battle of fort Dearborn oswego police are asking for the public's help in finding a missing woman with schizophrenia and bipolar disorders WGN's Ryan burrow, has that he endangered missing person advisory alert claims Sarah Smith was last seen, around two, pm Tuesday walking away from. The seven hundred block of hedge grow lane carrying, a red roller suitcase Smith, is forty five years old but it said to have the mental capacity Of ten to thirteen year old she's described as white five feet nine inches tall, weighing about three hundred and fifty pounds with Brown eyes. Blond hair and dark roots anyone with information should. Contact us we go. Police, Ryan burrow WGN news a few remaining campers at Yosemite valley are packing up tents and other gear because of closure there intended to clear the area for firefighters battling a wildfire near Yosemite national park they say, the valley, is an imminent danger, but the closures necessary to allow crews to perform. Protective.

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