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And ad council you're you're tung rail 560 k as if he is land you know we're in finding hope leila is the problem is and that hard to solve and it it doesn't require a pact it doesn't require a 501 c3 status it doesn't require anything it requires all of us just to do what were supposed to do and just leave the as as people of light that's it you don't beat evil with more evil you you you will never out yelled them you'll never out scream them you'll never out reason them you're just going to have to love them and the only way that this works because we are fighting evil is there any doubt in your mind that we're fighting evil right now because there's there's no doubt in my mind when somebody says i've got a hill all of the white police officers what's the difference between that and i have to kill all of the black police officers none and we have people saying that i have to kill all the fascists or i have to kill all the communists or have to kill all the whites or have to kill all the blacks raft kill all the jews have to kill all the republicans i have to kill all of the democrats they all have one thing in common they want to kill people it's evil and the only thing that conquers evil is love the only thing that dispels darkness is light and the darkness doesn't understand the light it cannot defeat it because it doesn't even understand it and i find that the remarkable scripture that the darkness understand if not and i find it remarkable because of this how many people do we know in our life that claim to be a part of the light but they don't understand the power of goodness and love they are saying it's not enough and climb back right here on talk radio vibes 60 g is avenia soon.

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