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Yeah. Each people house brought to you in association with Bonhams auctioneers since seventeen ninety three with experts more than sixty categories of collecting it specialists will connect you with your passion. Find what defines you at Bonhams dot com. Hello and welcome to the art newspaper put cost. I'm Ben, Luke. It's our last podcast of twenty eight teen as we did last year. We're going to look at the top art world stories of the last twelve months later in the podcast also to Nancy Kenny and Margaret Carrigan from anew York team about the big issues in the US and the Americas. But I I'm joined in our London studio by Martin Bailey. Melanie girlies Martin's long-term correspondent for the newspaper based in London. He's also the author of a number of books. The most recent being starry night fangled at the asylum. Must also has a blog all about van Gulf on the newspaper website melanie's, not market columnist of the financial times and at the newspaper, and she's the author of artisan investment survey comparative assets, we're going to begin by talking about the story of the year from last year as well, which is the Leonardo sale last year. Christie's New York for four hundred fifty million of Salvator of the Salvator Mundi. You might one might have imagined that after the gavel went down, and we. Learnt who had acquired the work that the story would dim down. And it would just be up to the public to look at it. But Martin as you know from the story that you've written in December issue of the newspaper. There are still lots of questions abound about this work. Yes. And particularly on the provenance, and obviously we want to trace back as far as we can. Ideally to Leonardus studio. And when Christie's sold the painting, the produced a very large insubstantial special catalog with chapter or section on the provenance, and they argued that the pitcher had belonged to Charles I of England now that gave it a wonderful British Royal provenance, and it got back not quite Leonardo time. But quite a long way what we did in the newspaper in the December issue with to reveal that it may not have been in the British Royal collection because there is another painting in Moscow in the Pushkin museum of the similar subject. The Salvator Mundi, and it's no longer believed to be by Leonardo. But it was believed to be by Leonardo in the nineteenth century and on the back of it. There is the on the back it so wouldn't panel this the stamp or emblem of Charles I and therefore the references in the Royal inventories may. They refer to the Moscow pitcher and not to what we now. Call the ABA Darby pitcher. That's why because there's this reference to a piece of Christ isn't there in the in the role inventories which were made when chose the I was executing. There was the come. We'll say exactly Christie's obviously seized upon that say that's Archer which was selling. And obviously the cashier that being a role collection added to its value. So what what are the implications of this information? Well, I think the experts of fairly universally. Agreed. It is indeed a Leonardo. I mean, the Ressam question about the exam proportion of the work. That's by the masters handle the studio. So I don't think there's very much serious question about the tribunal. But the is serious questions all the are serious questions about the provenance and where it came from. And it is interesting and important to establish that and all sorts of theories flying around as to exactly how it ended up. In the nineteenth century in collection. And then, of course, we know little bit more about disappearing to America and turn up in an auction in New Orleans where it sold for a pittance. There's this other question, which is that is now in the collection of a museum. The Louvre Debbie soom. So what we assume? And yet it has not gone on display, and there have been announcements made which I think it was in September said it. It's been delayed its appearance. So there was speculation that it might be put on view on the anniversary of the opening date of the leave every Dahbi, but that doesn't seem to have happened. What's going on? Well, I think this is one of the mysteries essentially going to take over next year rather than the past year that we're reviewing, but it is most bizarre that the picture was virtually mcquaid by Darby, and then not put on display and they've made no announcement as to what is happening or or or when it will go on show. I mean, we can speculate speculation isn't very useful. But there's obviously possibly a legal problem over ownership possibly possibly some problem over payment. But there's no indication of either of those things some people have suggested that. The painting might need further conservation work on it. But if so you'd expect them to be quite open and to say, you know, we're doing conservation work doing x and y to it, and it will go on display in the spring order and the final question is is you know, other questions of attribution about it. And they haven't really been seriously raised, but it is most mysterious, and I think we'll just have to wait and see what happens or else, maybe the art newspaper do some digging. You're in touch with auction houses time, what Christie said anything about it. Then not saying I think official, but I my understanding is the sale has gone through Christie's has been paid which when it sold for four hundred fifty point three million dollars is quite an important thing to have happened. But I can't prove that other people in the market say could, you know, the the issue could simply be that these things take time, but I agree with Martin. If that is the case, then why not be open about it. We're not even sure where it is. That's the big question. I mean, the being rumors that might be in Switzerland. And we're hoping that it was being kept in the proper environmental conditions next year is going to be something of a loner though extravaganza because it's the five hundred anniversary of his death. Martin. Do you think some occasion will be found in twenty nineteen on which we will finally see this tool Mundi in? Space whether a lot of exhibitions organized for the anniversary. But the most important will be that organized by the Louvre. Which of course, ends the Mona Lisa among other pitches. And it's known that they want to borrow the Salvator Mundi. And there's no reason why they shouldn't have access to it as it supposedly live Abreu Dombi. So they're going to want the pitcher. And if they show the painting, it will actually give more status to it. It will show that it's been accepted by the French experts. If it doesn't show up in Paris, and I think the show is next autumn. There will be even more questions than we're all skiing. Now watch this space there mainly oversee that was an extraordinary price. How has the market responded in two thousand eighteen and we seeing similar extraordinary process rather things we haven't seen anything like

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