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Might get a below average play we just has a convenient salary them but if you get anything back of of of use maybe a ball player with expiring contract mary nine million eight million something like that serviceable ballplayer no nobody for the future who's gonna take over then you do that i just hope that when he if they do move melo and like i said if it doesn't happen i'm not going to be surprised to removing parts here if it does happen that those are complaining a man we got knotted for melo we elite get fair market value never were he's like they do that car commercial here when you buy a car whose driver of the latah depreciates the he's been appreciating for years he says he's old and when i'm willing wanted to get to the last couple of houses show this is baseball the mets yankees is starting up of course on friday big theories for both 80s for gives up in boston uh right ahead of the first place and the mets hosting colorado for three with the chance to baby trying gain some get ground which is going to be hard to do but i wonder if you could cut one ballplayer who would it be now that the big the the the obvious one was taken out of your quays and they got rid of chris carter cloud begging for him i would says it has a cut guys i mean if you've got a sense of my down to make room i wonder like for the for the yankees do you keep frazier could if you're going to keep them you need the plane you can't have of you can't make him the fourth outfield he's got to be in the rotation he says too good would you just wonder a very by starts coming back x comes back in and with would have bird come i mean i'm i got my fingers crossed on burqas maybe is one of the caller said he comes back and he just picked that were left of a couple of years ago he is hitting the last half of the year lawns in bathing off his ankle if they could be all right we'll come back drug will more based born in a basketball right after this hi this is damon amendolara laura is just turned into a matrix of misery hasnat my promo spots were running for my podcast.

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