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He's always kinda slumping into his confidence. He's always kind of going back and forth between like. Can I do this and I'm doing this? I mean you sort of asked. I don't know if you want to go here but you sort of asked a little bit ago more broadly and then we kind of we're talking about a lot of stuff at once. But like what is his appeal. What exactly is his thing and for me like it is so much about part of that insecurity but he does have that back and forth or he has that like the attitude he brings to his almost self consciousness or talking himself into it. Or just little mantras. I think the the music has a ton of little repetitive. Easy to Digest. Sort of like. You're talking about New Age. Just sort of self help language almost but insincere way like a person who is feeling this in going through this and trying to adapt to being a loner and truly singing a lot of songs about wanting to be alone as you talked about in your piece people like. I think the psyching up process is so apparent in the music. Young it's just absolutely there. Jp in your piece. There is a part picking up. What Joe just talking about. There's this part where he's talking about. You know his early performances or so internal and you know he's like his head is down and he's can't look at anybody but then he realized there's some kind of almost like I don't WanNa say. Is it healing value? You or some kind of sharing energy that he gets from having something. That's more open hearted performance. That's coming from him. I think you said something the fact of like no one's GonNa perform if I don't or something like that. This is the Indie rock self conscious performed to a large audience. Indie Rock Mike. Coke must sustain me. Mentality gives way to wait a minute. I'm headlining Coachella. You know and and I mean who wants to watch. Somebody stare at their shoes. Unless it's a my bloody Valentine concert. I think if you're going out to perform you should perform I you know. I don't think he has to learn dance steps from bts you'd stand up there and we all could probably stand to learn well steps from bts something practical lessons what is the appeal of. Tame IMPALA IS LONELY. People listening to music and headphones. Yeah and really digging the fact that. Oh that guitar tone changes from Flange to fuzz and. Oh Wow there's another synthesizer line here. I didn't hear that the first time and these are really lonely. Music nerds and it turns out. There's a lot of us and know and they're all standing there at coachella singing along with Kevin Parker singing about being all alone and not talking to each other go far. There's some interaction. Maybe they're taking drugs together you know they're just making it makes it easier. The interactions so but is that motive listening that that actual motive listening. That feels like a ninety s. Motive listening or seventies motive. Listening or late sixties wasn't yeah bet more accurate. Is that a modern motiveless. I feel I get is and I feel like the the deep headphone nerd that wants to try to. Id like clock where he's pulling what air this is from her. That is from like the person that wants to see how it fits together like you were talking about j. p. But like. I think there's also like I don't know. I think there's a whole other segment of Tame Impala listeners that are like way more. It's more ambient on spotify for example because some of my coworkers seem to think that team and Paula is like borderline like stream bait like sort of things they get put onto playlist for like doing things won't turn off. Yeah be part of songs get picked up to be on like Youtube playlists for studying or like spotify playlist for like working out or like walking songs and driving music and so many tasks for doing stuff and it's sort of like there's sort of two different ends of at one listener. The listener that Kevin Parker. I think wants to cultivate himself. Is The headphone listener. The solitary listener the music nerd. Who knows history and wants to be turned onto this stuff? And it's like a record store EEK and then I think the other part of it because they are very popular. Is this more sort of like doing stuff. Play listing music part because of the music is like the songs are longer the. They're very like they change a lot. I generally A. B. It's like even a Ballad has movement and Tame Impala Land. You know I don't know it's really bizarre to me that there are kind of these sort of like what seemingly Divergent ways. Yeah I think of them as very different listenership and I haven't quite sorted out how much the the songs for studying to crowd is adding to their popularity versus the people that are really committed. I'm sort of like the jury's out for me yeah that's interesting so I don't think I could. I mean besides not enjoying this music. It's just the way it functions on a textual level and the fact that it changes so much my brain would just be like to allies. I would be constantly try. I would just be so sensitive. You'll be like if someone was like adjusting chair. Every two seconds. Just listen for a living. Yeah if you keep it. Low in the background it's smooth it's undulating it's rippling along. It's it's it's hydroponic hydrophones. Where I thought they would pay attention to music and not pay attention to music dynamic that you brought up is is a larger thing in streaming land. Yeah for sure. I don't think he's deliberately straddling it. I think he's sort accidentally straddling it. Like what percent of his popularity is is derived from incidental listening as opposed to active listening. Well because comments are of course. A complete reflection of eighty five percent of his listeners are active listener since I joined the PODCAST facebook. It's it's very fun. And there's a Lotta interesting engage in conversations a lot of comments. I see you making comments. You know who you you making comments but I think the active listeners are commenting but sometimes you get the Oh. It's so pretty. I could just float away on the all day. So they're definitely there that's just me. I'm just leaving that comment to undermine the active tame impala listeners. I'm just trying to offer an alternate already undermined there. All alone with their headphones. Help the Narrative Kevin Partner wants to build up of his fans. I feel not like kids. Smoking drugs in a field like accidentally listening to his. Well that sounds. I think you put it like that. That actually sounds way more fun than my experience. Listening to a lot of this sounds about the making of the album. There are so many songs than mention time. The first one is one more year when dust lost in yesterday. It might be time one more hour. I mean I think he was kind of thinking of you know they're waiting for this album and it's reflected in the songs but and I also think he got what I call rapture of the studio. You're like down there so often. You can overdubbed too many things on pro tools and just keep going and going and going and I think he's such a music lover that he wanted to try everything. The November nineteen listening party. Where was supposed to be done? It was at night moves in Brooklyn. Which has this incredible sound system and standing next to him and you could see his brow throwing and it's like he was hearing something let he didn't like any went back and remixed it again. But but it was like Steve such perfectionism in the way the parts fit together so I think he got lost in making this album and lingered over at a long long time. It might be time which is near the end of the album. It's one of the closer to a banger songs on the album is is about. All of his friends are growing up getting married being adults and he's still like being a rock and roll musician and it's like part of it is what the hell am I doing. And it's like what the hell else could I do. Maybe if his Sandra shorter he'd be able to get onto the next phase of his life more Russia later. What do you think? Oh padded walls. I'm hitting the bad wall guys. Just just a suggestion. This is the one where he's basically like I'm washed but I'm okay with that right. Go OUT ON TIME. Might be to go out on it. Yes time to conclude.

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