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We heard the Doug Peterson announced often sported a micro receivers coach partial walls would not return and that came one day after Peterson said both would be back head coach was on ninety four W. I. P. this morning try to clarify the situation I did a poor job there you know communicating in the in the press conference and that is basically you know what I intended to say about my my coaching staff was was I was still in the process of of evaluating and evaluating everything and and that's really what the week after the season is about and as far as that hit on Carson once by JV on Clowney while the Seahawks defensive lineman seems to want to move on past there a monogram better so the Ford is a the Seahawks to move on to face the Packers on Sunday tomorrow playoffs resume of the forty Niners hosting the Vikings but the Texans pay a visit to Baltimore the seventy Sixers are off tonight but it will be a big day for drawl and beat the Sixers center has surgery today on his injured finger who'd be reevaluated one to two weeks meanwhile estimates are back in action tomorrow night with the game in Dallas the flyers getting in tomorrow night at the centre against Tampa delaying college basketball is round two between long time rivals Penn and Princeton the Quakers will be looking for revenge after falling to the Tigers of the blessed for on Saturday Penn is seven five one Princeton is five eight ball they will tip off in New Jersey just after five o'clock sounds good thanks said we have a problem on the Pennsylvania Turnpike ramp to route one north check that and more in a couple minutes it's twelve twenty get a smart speaker for the holidays ask you to play KYW newsradio let's say you just bought a house bad news is your one step closer to becoming your parents you'll probably know the law ask if anybody noticed you mow the lawn tell people to stay off the lawn compare it to your neighbor's lawn.

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