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News starts now. And we'll have more of your top local and regional news first a live update from ABC at nine o'clock. From ABC news. I'm Scott Goldberg. The House Judiciary committee has voted to authorize subpoenas. So members can see Robert polars unredacted report on the Russia investigation, along with the special counsels underlying evidence, the committee's democratic chairman Jerrold Nadler said the committee has a job to do the constitution charges. Congress with holding the president accountable for alleged official misconduct. GOP ranking member Doug Collins objected to demands for the unredacted findings as far as the attorney general's gone. He said, I'm giving you the mall report, I'm giving it to you as should under regulations. But undoubtedly that's not enough attorney general William bar said he would hand over an edited report in the middle of the month. Chairman Nablus says he won't immediately issue subpoenas subpoenas giving bar time to reach an agreement with the committee. President Trump insists his threat to shut down. The southern border is still on the table warning congress on Twitter today to close immigration loopholes or he'll seal the border or large sections of it. Homeland security secretary Kirstin Nielsen plans to visit the area today. ABC's Jim Ryan in El Paso, tells us officials are breathing a sigh of relief for now apprehensions of people either slipping into the country illegally or legally seeking asylum at the ports of entry on track to hit one hundred thousand four March, but it was an interruption in the daily cross border commerce that had business and local government leaders here. Concerned closing the border completely would've crimped a multimillion dollar pipeline to the US economy. Every day the leader of NATO addressed a joint meeting of congress today calling for the transatlantic unity on the seventieth birthday of that alliance. This commitment Haas service. Well, peace hospice served Fredo maintained Jens Stoltenberg is the first NATO secretary-general to speak before a joint gathering of both houses actresses, Felicity Huffman arrived in a federal courtroom today. Boston among the wealthy parents charged in that college admissions scandal. Laurie Laughlin also expected you're listening to ABC.

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