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A busy week four to start so far, and we have some surprises in one is in west Lafayette, Indiana. Where Purdue finally looking like the team we expected leading Boston College. Here's Tom McCabe. It is thirteen to seven Purdue with the lead over BC with ten minutes and forty one seconds to go in the second quarter and Purdue has the ball in eagle. Territories. The latest Purdue touchdown Rondell. Bore catches a short pass from David Blau then go seventy yards for the touchdown. The extra point attempt, though, was miss only six points therefore Purdue earlier in the first quarter Boston College Anthony Brown on third down pass fifteen yards to tight end Thomas. We need to tie the game at seven and seven minutes into the game. DJ Knox took an in from one yard out for Purdue that gave the Boilermakers seven to nothing lead. Right now this game Anthony Brown. Boston quarterback four of six for thirty three yards. David Blau for Purdue nine of twelve for one hundred forty so ten minutes. Forty one seconds to go with the second quarter. Purdue was the thirteen to seven lead over Boston College. All right. Thank you, very much, Tom and. Had it not been for a couple of good returns. That's one night might not even be as close as it is. It is not close at the big house. So far today where Michigan is doing what it has to do in Nebraska, quite simply is not. Here's standing cap with Moore. Alright it's now twenty nine nothing extra point pending after shape Patterson on a play action fake it. They wide open Zach gentry and the back of the end zone. Michigan right now, literally just toying with Nebraska the extra point. This time is good though. It's now thirty two nothing rich, you can exactly transcend time travel. But if you could if you could take the offensive line play right now by Michigan and move it back a few weeks to their opener against Notre Dame. Michigan would be undefeated and top ten team in the country right now, you can't do that though. The fact of the matter is Michigan's offensive line as porous as it looked against Notre Dame as really jell together. Over the last three weeks, they have run the ball without any stoppage from Nebraska today. One hundred. And forty nine yards rushing Nebraska negative three in that category. I'm a game overall to thirty six to thirty two is your total yardage. Michigan. Led by ten carries. One hundred and three yards from Koran Higdon had ninety of those. I'm just two carries. He's got a touchdown running. Ben Mason, the whole Bank with a couple of touchdowns and now save Patterson throwing one Zach gentry. It has all Michigan here in Ann Arbor today. Eight twenty to go in the first half wolverines lead, the Cornhuskers thirty two. Nothing could turn back time. I think I'd take Jim Branstetter Dan Deardoff out of the broadcast booth. They'd be back on the field. Oh, man. Joy to get to see in person to really really genuinely good guys. If you ever make up your to absolutely Danny thanks for checking in we'll touch back shortly. But Michigan right now in Iraq a bit of a surprise so far today in college park, Maryland has played very well so far this season. And that's continuing today against Minnesota, which is unbeaten. Here's Dave Preston. Santo three to play in the first half Maryland with a fourteen to three lead the golden gophers get on the board. Thanks to a thirty three yard field goal. That comes after a twelve play fifty six yard March turfs with a pair of touchdowns coming on long runs. Anthony McFarland scoring from twenty six yards out tie Johnson. Squirting for an eighty one yard scamper and Maryland dominating the stats one hundred eighty six yards to just fifty seven for the golden gophers both teams though having problems moving the chains this afternoon, Maryland over four on the money down. Minnesota over five on third down Terrapins played by penalties. So far this afternoon. They've been whistled five times for fifty five yards nine twenty four to play in the first half Maryland with a fourteen three lead over Minnesota Notre Dame so far with its best performance of the young season. And on the road for the first time today at Wake Forest, here's Kevin Casey, right Richards, twenty one six Notre Dame on top of Wake Forest nine nineteen to go. First the first half, and it's been the running game and a combination. The invoked passing attacks fourteen of nineteen hundred sixteen yards and a one yard touchdown and Tony Jones and Jaffar Armstrong with rushing touchdowns. Too far Armstrong a thirty yard rush and just a couple of moments ago. Tony Jones the four yard touchdown run nine nineteen to go in the first half. Its Notre Dame twenty one week four six. All right. So Ian book getting it done today. Getting the start at quarterback. Let's go to Mike Greaves, Georgia and Missouri. And so far the Tigers have been their own worst enemy, here's Mike. Now. There's no question turnover is a big part of this one is Georgia scored ten points off of Missouri turnovers, Missouri, no points after one turnover that they did create Georgia leading this one thirteen to seven thousand nine ten to play in the second quarter Georgia scoring on a fumble recovery. Sixty yard return by Tyson Campbell earlier in this one then they get an interception from Thai Crowder, he returned it to the Missouri. Seven and that set up the second bugle of the day from Rodrico Blankenship. He's from twenty one and forty four yards. Missouri scoring on a seven yard touchdown run from Larry. Roundtree? Both teams are pensively have left a little to be desired still early in this one. But you're told yard numbers, Missouri. One thirty five Georgia one twenty nine neither quarterback really getting it going early. Jake, prom, sixty yards on five of eleven and drew lock sixty six yards on seven fourteen right now, it is Georgia with the football. They are in Missouri territory. They have moved to the thirty three.

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