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If you run and listen to podcasts or an or anything else you actually your body's working harder which is a great thing but the same time can a distraction. You learn something and a lot of that time that you know you allow yourself suggest take time full maybe busy schedule of your life and even though for me like i said i'm still on the journey of exploring that and getting comfortable with it like the other day. I put my headphones in. I try to listen to podcasts. And then realize that kant account can't have to just like you said focus on steps. So i started just counting. I started counting. I was going one step three step for. I've got two hundred started all over again. And that's the only way it kind of got me kept going and also got my mind off everything because i was just focusing steps a numbers. I'm so happy you say this because people laugh at me because that's fine too and i can't i count every right step on my counter on my right hand so when i get two hundred i go that to five hundred and then i go and then i start again and that's so if i'm coming up to a hill i will go right. I think it's going to be two hundred to the top of this hill. And i will count until i get to the toll. It's is the best way to stay focused on the running and also not to be tempted to stop because you keep going. I'm going to keep going to get to one hundred then another hundred if in fact if you were running no and you find it. It's really hard just count and catchy. Does i do it and it does make a difference really does where our focus on my left. I go left left left one and two and again. I gave myself goal so at the end. Look at for example. I know there's a skip that top of the road. That my name is an always go to get to that skip. Just get to that skit. Once i got to skip. I give myself a new little goal to get to that corner. Just gets kona and so. I think that that could help as well if you like running that. Just finally all targets. Just see something in front of you and tried to get to that point because once you get there you will find that you actually can't carry on elliott. Oh bit longer..

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