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All right so okay now look at been found that's an entirely different man dude yeah he went the nation they're very brief stint darkened his skin and everything he's spray tans that he can stand that's incredible yeah one day like phil dollas all walked into his kitchen and told us wife bernice i'm changing my name to rock everyone put a coup on or managing black heavyweights no more lumina m siding this is what we do now come on herschel what are we doing ruin the family he probably made a bunch of money doing that the black side of him managed riddick bowe but the chew side of them handle the money he's got it all smart yes he yes he does all right let's see then there is we gotta take a break right okay and wait who's the senator i'm talking about if you go to i will tell you this if you go if you find the footage of trump state of the union and every time they showed the black caucus over there he was the guy who looked like wolf blitzer sat in the middle of autumn white guy looks me kills sitting in the middle of all shoeprint happy black he does brian scott we'll get we'll get it up there all right we'll garb and everything yeah the scarf and it will find out who's blacker hamer rock newman all after this but tension shoppers clean up on sport team.

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