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Mayor Lori Lightfoot presided over her second city council meeting today, she unveiled several new ethics reform proposals. They include new restrictions on outside employment for alderman, increasing fines for ethics violations, and expanding the office of inspector general's oversight so aldermen are treated the same as all other city employees. The mayor also took some time to talk about pride bump, we've accomplish things that I certainly one of the magin possible in my lifetime. And the fact that I'm standing here who I am what I represent. I think says a significant amount about the residents of the city. The mayor also had a tough response to a fraternal order of police official in the council chambers. The attorney for a former university of Illinois doctoral student has told. That the defenses admitting that their client kidnapped and killed a visiting Chinese scholar in two thousand seventeen George tests have said that he realized it was exceptional for defense. Attorney to say his client committed the crime, but he said that twenty nine year old Brent christianson was on trial for his life alluding to the possibility of a death sentence if he is found guilty of kidnapping and killing twenty yingying Zhang, and Uber and Volvo steering towards completion of their newest self driving vehicles ABC's. Daria Albinger, has the story. The ridesharing company says it can easily install it self driving system in the Volvo xc ninety SUV because the vehicle steering and braking systems are designed for computer rather than human control. If the primary systems fail the backup will kick in right away, and bring the car to a stop Uber and Volvo partnered on their first car in two thousand sixteen. This won their third venture may be the first one that's fully capable of driving itself. Daria Albinger, ABC news. No prison. Time for the first defendant, sentenced in the college admissions. Cheating scam ABC's Aaron Katersky to the judge. Former Stanford University sailing coach John van damore is probably the least culpable defendant, in the case, and she sentenced him to one day in prison deemed serve, plus two years supervised release, then two more is the first of twenty two defendants who pleaded guilty to be sentenced and prosecutors had hoped for prison time. But the judge said she found it hard to justify since she said he did not personally benefit from the bribe paid to the schemes mastermind, but rather gave the money to the Stanford sailing program. Hurel services are scheduled for north west suburban Arlington heights couple who police say were stabbed to death by their daughter over the weekend visitation for David.

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