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And out of stories that are trending on this Monday morning. KFBK. California Wildfire watch. Nearly two dozen firefighters from the Sacramento region now are heading to Southern California. They're going to be helping in the battle against what's called the Apple Fire. It is threatening thousands of homes. It's been burning in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. 32 square miles have been burned. So far, 7800 people have been evacuated. Now the fire crews air from Sacramento, Folsom and West Sacramento, and they were sent to help fight that fire and for more now on the thousands of people who have been evacuated this morning in Southern California, here's kfbk is Mark Mayfield. The apple fire is burning in rugged terrain in Riverside County, about 80 miles east of Los Angeles, Close to 8000 people have been ordered out of their homes on Sunday as a fire that started Friday surged in more than 20,008. There's more than 1300 firefighters backed by helicopters and planes dumping water are working to get a line around the fire that started north of the city of Beaumont. Mark Mayfield News 93.1 KFBK well in paradise, They continue to make strides in their effort to rebuild following one of the most infamous and devastating wildfires in state history Cave case, Mike Baka has the latest on that the double whammy of rebuilding an entire town after a devastating fire and a health pandemic. Have been tough to overcome for paradise, but his disaster recovery director Katie Simmons says they are making progress up to 1281 building permit applications received 1082 building permits issued. And we have 273 homes rebuilt, but just so exciting, she says. The California Office of Emergency Services has provided a grant to buy generators to make sure there. Streetlights continue to work in the event of an emergency and the North Valley Community Foundation, a charitable group has donated money to buy police radios that were destroyed in the campfire of November. 2018 Mike Baka News 93.1 CALF, We turn now to the latest on the Corona virus. Until now, San Mateo County had been the only Bay Area County not on the state's watch list. And this morning that has changed because Deena Kodiak reports every Bay Area County is now on that list for concerning cases, hospitalizations and death rates. Residents of neighboring counties have been going to San Mateo to work out at Jim's, or get their hair done. It salons that stayed open since March. However, per state rules, those businesses will be forced to close now that the county is on the watchlist. There are several factors that land to county on the watch list, including if a county has more than 100 new cases per 100,000 residents over the past 14 days, or having more than 25 new cases per 100,000 residents and an 8% test positivity rate. Deena Kodiak News, 93.1 Kfbk and also this morning Trader Joe's saying they're not going to change the names of the company's products. They had been pressured in an online petition by critics who called them racist. Those product names Trader. Joe's Company officials now say the labels are not racist, and they do not make decisions based on petition right him over the weekend. A lot of developments in the presidential race to report we're going to cover a lot of them all over the course of the next four hours in the morning. S O. First of all, we're going to roll out our featured audio clip. And then I've got to get Teo Maura what a former White House press secretary, said an op ed piece over the weekend. Very interesting. Get to that in a second. But first here is the featured audio clip. A CBS news poll shows that a growing number of states are either in play for Joe Biden or are tossups. On face the nation CBS news elections and surveys Director Anthony Salvato. Broke down some of the latest numbers out of the CBS News battleground tracker Pole. It is our featured audio clip this hour in our Monday morning wrap of the Sunday morning talk shows. You've gotta look at all the States that are now expanded into our categories of either toss up or in play these air, Not too We might have expected to be on the list earlier this year, but it's that frustration as you said about Corona virus. And you also see in places like Georgia and North Carolina. Ah, larger story, And that is that he's growing metro areas. Whether it's around Atlanta around Charlotte and others where those suburbs have been trending towards the Democrats. The last couple of cycles, something you want to keep an eye on in a lot of states this year. So if you are to believe the polls that is, But ah, the polling has not been good at all for Trump in the last 2 to 3 months. Very dismal s O. That's that's the latest on the polling. Here's the latest from Joe Lockhart. Don't know if you remember this fella. He was the spokesperson for Bill Clinton in the White House. Okay, go. Yeah. So he wrote an op ed piece over the weekend, which was pending son, CNN dot com. It's a direct quote. Whatever you do, And he's saying this to Joe Biden do not debate Trump. Here's why Trump has made more than 20,000 misleading or false statements, according to the Washington Post. It's a fool's errand to enter into a ring with someone who can't follow the rules or the truth. This is Joe Lockhart interesting. So he's telling Biden not to debate Trump because Trump doesn't tell the truth. If you're a good debater. And you're going up against somebody who routinely lies. Which is what Lockhart says Trump does, Right. Doesn't that give you great ammunition to win? You would think so. Yes. Yeah, You would want a very good debater to actually get on the stage with someone who lies repeatedly Be armed with that information and call him out. Maybe Lockhart doesn't want Biden to debate because they want to keep him in the basement. That's another possibility, too. And again. When you talk about this, you talk about the polls. You're not going to sway Trump's supporters. The hard core supporters are one. They're not going to believe the polls and to they're not going to believe anything that Biden said. Well, you know, at first we heard they were going to be three debates. And then I've heard too. I've also heard one. I've also heard none. There's that floating out there right now. That would not surprise me. Not be surprised if there's no debate, and I think quite honestly, that's what despite what we're hearing, That's the feeling I get from the Biden campaign. They don't want to debate know the reason for that. You can argue all you can. Yes, you can connect the dots. They're right. But we all get that. Top national stories. News 93.1 Can became From ABC News. I'm Dave Packard regaining strength. Tropical Storm is expected to make landfall later today in the US potentially is a hurricane. A bee sees Rob Marciano's in Jacksonville, Florida. This.

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