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One in Indiana that would be one thing you tried and you lost by twenty points let's talk about brutal because judge goes back to loan goes the intersectional well whenever you are embarrassing the Democratic Party go the intersectional well he's also Connolly harassing Cory Booker has a black woman well as a black man and now you get people who did what as a gay man in Mike pence's Indiana maid's tale it is this is people yet just favorite little riff that makes no sense because Mike pence thing give two craps about people judge he does not care about people to judge he was always very nice to be able to judge Mike pence's Indiana what we act like this is like thirteen century Saudi Arabia or something like what what what are you talking about the modern day Saudi Arabia but what do you what are you saying that might that in the they're not be people in Indiana is that the implication that under Mike pence gave people like mayor people were taken out and put in the stocks the soles of their feet with hot coals what are you talking about it's nonsense first of all that's nonsense on his face but then any closure is like you know what now you know what just just now yeah you can talk about you one eighty percent of the vote I have like ten thousand votes in let me let me explain to me about actions buddy you ran statewide for state treasurer you never talk about this people get you ran statewide for state treasurer and he doesn't want it and they you know you did you get your **** kicked it was just to see you yet that you got murdered by Richard Murdoch sixty three to thirty five or something you got beaten it wasn't it wasn't twenty one can be by twenty five points back check balls he's the by twenty five and the judge has not come back to that because the fact is that well he's a very talented young politician he's not one statewide he's never held high office is the mayor of a small town in Indiana was very fluent in very verbally cogent and good for him but culture is Jack is a telling one will get you a little bit more from the debate in just one second first I need to take.

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