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Room absolutely absolutely you know and Again i if i had decided to go and over there obviously you know you mean joe. We all three of us have gotten vaccinated. I and i believe geo has to right joe. I will not disclose his personal and private information s. Maybe hey i will not also disclose He's stupid either. So and i don't mean to call people do but that's not what i'm saying. That's not exactly what i meant. That's not what i said but not not necessarily that. I did meet him so But yeah you know. I get it at work. Still just amazes the hell out of me but And to tell you something else for you know not that it's going to be now but if you guys can let me know about joe biden saying that companies that have over one hundred employees that everybody has to be vaccinated or has to be tested. I guess the the quick test sir. at work. I don't know when that's supposed to be taken effect if it if it is at all you guys anything i have not last week. He said you didn't hear last week day. If you've been so all over this you know big plan. Mandates through osha. You know osha rules that companies with over one hundred employees either get vaccines or have to produce a negative test once a week and this is part of the You know unfortunate necessary situation to get more people vaccinated just as a little bit of the you know the carrot and the stick. They've done the carrot. They gave away millions of dollars. Now this is the stick. It's like hey if you done this you want to keep working. You gotta do this. That's it we can't Can't wait around for y'all anymore You have a choice. You can continue to get the tests but you gotta do it once a week. It's going to be a major pain in your bite or just get the vaccine. And that's and so the the story is people can read about it. They can google search it but the story is that many companies are very appreciative of this because it takes the responsibility off of them. What are we supposed to do. You know government man. They made us do it so you got to do it. And they're actually happy about it. Well i just this. This world is just unbelievable. Now that Just you can keep up with everything but We'll see what happens They'll be decisions. They'll be anger they'll be people not Wanting to play and staying away and there'll be other people that at the same token would say. Hey if you don't wanna play you don't wanna hear you wanna don't wanna succumb to the rules. Just stay home because there will be a lot of people doing that. I did want to mention also This tournament is over in the wpa. The online event won by rocco st peters at fallen back behind us. I mentioned The final hand peter's raised out of the box and two five million costanza three bedroom. Two twenty million and the flop came six five four rainbow costas shoved in peter snap called for his last seventy million and had a set of sixes after the flop go had pocket tens but the river ten game on the river and the two outer gives Go steve's victory so david peters had just had a tremendous year in certainly nothing to be embarrassed about but Kind of a hand plays itself out and thank god it finish while we were on the year so so gusty winds nearly a million dollars. Nine hundred fifty. Nine thousand peter's finished second six sixty so Vlad daria who from austria. Who finished very deep in one of the semi hard rock tournaments in the last couple of years took third place Not too many that. I've heard of here on the rest of the list but fully young prize pool honesty. It here somewhere Prize pool five point eight nine five million. Still plenty of money fifty. I think it was a fifty three hundred dollar buying. If i'm not mistaken at first place got what did they get took. Place got just under a million hundred eleven hundred seventy nine players so i expect some big numbers still. I mean. there's still plenty of things that might keep look people away at the world series but You know with a being just online last year until the very end. I think we're going to have a nice turn out. So we'll see in a few weeks How that gets underway september thirtieth the first day. The main event starts on november fourth Just to talk a little bit about where the coverage is. Some news came out today from poker. Go so this may be the time to get a subscription thing. It's ninety nine dollars for the year right now. They have a special deal where you can get twenty dollars off You know. I'm not here to promote them particularly. But this is the place where you can see a lot of things. Cbs sports will be carrying a lot of the Stuff but on tape delay You know edited programs after the fact They have announced that lan. Mccarron in norman chad. We'll be doing the commentary. Along with jamie kerr stetzer so that will be fun to watch some of that stuff but poker go came out today and says they'll be covering a good portion of twenty six of the bracelet events. There's eight altogether There'll be extensive coverage of the main which we're looking forward to That comes as i mentioned starts on november the fourth. And we'll see plenty of that but they have a full streaming schedule that twenty-six events that they are gonna show and it's a it's a variety of things which i'm very happy about i like watching the mixed Events and we'll see the ladies event will be Obviously a draw there too and They have a whole schedule of Things that are out on several different sites including card player and online poker report in you can check out that and follow that along The first event are gonna cover is the first week of october. So you'll talk a little bit more about that when we get closer and how you can actually pick up these things but It looks like they're going to have some really good coverage and I enjoy a lot of people that might normally go and walk around inside the rio Might be staying away because kobe. And they'll have a place to stay up with everything as well. of course we'll have all results and and that sort of thing here looking forward to it I you know we've had all these online events with a lot of players. We really don't know who the are you know. They just allow them. Just go by their online handle So you know. It's taken some of the celebrity out of the game. But you know there's still plenty of events Poker masters for one. Nick ron winning winning a title there So you know i. it's changed a little bit but I.

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