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And more outside extreme outside third lane. Just taking a whipping right now, they're gonna have to take the beating reorganize triumph. Still going backward. That extreme highlight nine cars at the front. Single file Blaney alongside Daniel Hamrick for ten he gets help tracking. How coming his way for Ricky Stenhouse, junior ongoing battle for the ten th position. Stenhouse now is going to help Blaney. Get back to the top ten and maybe get more. Here's Blaney now. Trying to grab the mic physician. That is the first side-by-side battle on the race track. The front eight go single file at the bottom of the speedway. Fifty laps to go. And the guy co five hundred it's Eric Jones. He leads Eric alma Rolla, and Joey Lagaan ODA one single file back through the first six or seven petitions birth side-by-side battle now it's Alex Bowman to the inside of blading they run wheel-to-wheel Blaney with the advantage. Draft in the outside begins to organize talk about Blaney and Stenhouse leading that outside line now that is joined behind them. Matt Benedito, also David Ragan junior. In about a half a dozen other all of that traffic working to the middle lanes of the banking further back. Here's Paul Menard. Brad keselowski. They're going to climb to the top of the banking working off turn four. Dale Jarrett while we saw just a few moments ago tandem drafting by teammates that looked like it was going to work, then it failed miserably, I guess right now as things heat up to agree wide all the way back to the field. Everybody right now, don't you think trying to test a see what's going to work in? What will not? Yeah. That was an experiment that went wrong. It showed Brad Keselowski.

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