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Back with you. Before we get our guest in here, I do want to get ten minutes. He's going to hold for a little while. Tim, thanks for your pacing, sir. How can we help you? Tom, thanks a million. I really appreciate it. I just want to let you know I came across enough wanted to know if you knew anything about it, but I saw an email from Bill Wilson at Wilson combat about a new defense of ammo that the rolling out called Lehi defense. I guess he likes the company or the bullets so much that he bought the whole company. And the best way I can describe it is it looks like a solid copper bullet and it looks like a great big fat end of a drill bit and apparently it's supposed to have a terrific wound channel and it's not going to get clogged up through heavy clothing and drywall. Like some other and Lee has actually had the folks, I had the folks from Lehigh on the show before, they were the ones that black hills ammo worked with to create the honey badger line of ammo in bullets. And so very similar in form between the Lehigh defense and the honey badger bullets and flows that don't know, yeah, that's a pretty good description. It looks like a solid bullet with a real bit on the in kind of a look. It doesn't expand, but you get this hydraulic pressure and our reports are that they work very well. Upshot them into ballistic jets in a good bit. I actually have a couple of boxes of the Lehi ammo in ten millimeter because there was no honey badger ammo in ten millimeter. So I wanted to make sure I got that. But now that you mentioned, I remember Wilson buying Lehi and they'll do a really good job of marketing them. So there's nothing wrong with this ammo and these bullets. And so if you like them, you know, I would get them. Did you buy any? Have you ordered any? I have their arriving on Wednesday. And I think Bill Wilson has a whole plant that he's building to manufacture these in Texas. Okay. Tell me what you want to do. When you get them in, go out and shoot them. One of the fun things to do is to get like, oh, 6 to 8 water jobs. Just one gallon of water jugs. I mean, I just go ahead and buy the 89 cent gallon jugs of water at the store. And line them all up and shoot them. And you get two things. Well, three things. One you'll see how far they penetrate too. You'll get the impact that blows water all over the place. You can see that. But three, in most cases, you can actually recover the bullet. And that's pretty cool to be able to do that. So if you just want to go have some fun out there, you know, set you up a picnic table or something, line up a bunch of one gallon jugs, water and then just shoot them. Appreciate that. They can appreciate that. All right, let's bring in Dave workman, our buddy, we've been friends for an awful long time. Of course, a real journalist works at the Second Amendment foundation does a lot of other things. Dave, how are you, sir? Well, I'm fine, Tom, how are you doing? I am well. It has been a busy couple of weeks ever since the Bruin decision popped out of the Supreme Court, and it's like a flurry of activity, both lawsuits from our side, challenging existing laws and going back and trying to challenge some of the decisions being made. But also activity from the gun band side, such as New York saying where we're going to rush into law ten different laws and even to get you to comment on this one, they're going to require you if you want a pistol permit. Carry permit to turn over the information of all your social media. What's going on here? Well, it's an invasion of privacy in my opinion. And whether it actually is or not, that's certainly up for the legal beagles to sort out, but to demand that someone provide access to their social media material. That is beyond the kin to me. I think that it's nonsense, frankly, and all it is is harassment really. That's what it boils down to. And it moves or if they are able to enforce it, it would move New York right back to where they started. They would have an opportunity. To arbitrarily just deny somebody a concealed carry permit back there. And I think that's really what they're after. Exactly. I mean, for those who didn't quite follow it, the whole idea behind the ruined decision, the Supreme Court decision was New York required you to show proper cost before you could get a carry permit. Proper cause was whatever the issuing officer thought was worthwhile that you were worthy person that you were whatever it is. And almost no one got that because you didn't have quote unquote proper cost. Entire subjective and that was the whole idea is that if it's subjective, we can prevent you from getting the permit. All of this started when way back when they said, we're not going to let any black people get the permits. So we're going to have this rule. That way, no matter who it is, if you're black, you don't get a permit. And so typical of most gun control laws, they're rooted in racism. But now they're saying, okay, they said we can't do the proper cost thing. We can't require that. So we're going to look at your social media post and then we're

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