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Bobble salesman who's being interrogated like I have on the blue shirt and a sport coat, and you were short hair kid. Oh terrified when you were a kid. Did y'all have the encyclopedia Britannica and your house world book? Okay. We had one to a think we got ours. Like from the food line or something? I think we got like, oh, you know, mama went to mum Maza went to get the two for to ground round and happened upon some psycho piteous. Man, I used to sit there. I try to tell my children when they don't understand something. And they just daddy. Can you look that up on the internet that he can you go that whatnot? I'm like you guys don't understand when I was your age. We had to wall. We'd get up off the couch walk over to the bookshelf and open up the encyclopedia right and the world changes so fast today, the encyclopedia Britannica world book Food Lion. Can you even believe that? That was our reference point. I would nanna Lynn it was a static item. Right. Like it didn't chain. No evolve. Just was mandolin the last place where she lived. They had like this LA brea Lander where when I would go visit her she'd role in there, and we sit there and talk, and there was a wall of world book encyclopedia's at this like assisted living. And I was fascinated. I mean, I will talk to her and just flip to the world. And they would have to send you an updated book every year to update the information because you know, if they discovered a new planet or something then not only you do a book report. It was completely outdated. Right. I remember how about this action. Right. You member when we were in high school and had to do our senior paper or whatever and we had to use the Dewey decimal system. Oh, yeah. Use the Dewey decimal system man, you had to have like the one point four seven point nine six three eight five and you pull out that drawer in years a little card in there. A six by six index card that told you where to find the book in the library. And then you had to have the wherewithal and the ability in the intelligence to go find the Nega book. Well, we'll talk to cause classes. Now, I'll also say Chauhan's was last time y'all were into library like Tennessee, his big giant beautiful Aubrey that built when I was a student. Never answer is never because it is. And I tell Ellen L, by the way kids to that daughter. That's all the time. And I say the old man voice. I'm like, you should never get anything wrong. You shouldn't should never get anything wrong. Hey, remember, I if you watch television Randy you got a head shot. Yeah. We do. It's. Allah, like, I'm selling world books right here. Go. So in a cycle that's old headshot. Still an encyclopedia britannicas, you know. What that is. That is my head shot when I wrote my worst selling book about the college World Series, which is ten years ago. So so would you like to that guy? Excuse me, sir. Would you like to buy book about the college World Series or an encyclopedia Britannica? I I remember I remember our food line encyclopedia's. What I was mesmerized. I was mesmerized by the spine of the books as I was by the guts of the books because they were they had these goal. They were golden blazing. Yeah. That was fancy. Hey in the best, though, was you go to the to the volume that had the human body thing in it. The JAL have like the head like plastic page. Yes, man. The back looked vascular Tori, system, right word, vascular system, organs and all that what's that? What's that word, not vascular tone? Heard. Of that. Circulatory circulatory the way we had a caller that was sitting on hold. He's gone. We talk about buzz ways Fasulo stories. About minute six on the onus on a world. Book encyclopedia conversation, he go. Oh, yeah. Here's a bones. Yes. Man. Awesome. You Famer and a radius and how. The purses sack. How many like athletic trainers? Currently, you should ask your boy bones..

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