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Culloty d commit taylor herro is d committing he is one of the best basketball players as i said at the midwest there are three phenomenal players in the state of wisconsin this year all ranked in the top 75 in america wisconsin is getting none of them joey hauser is going to marquette jordan mccabe is going to maryland and now herro is going somewhere else they suddenly indication that herro was concerned that nobody else good was coming to was and the incoming wisconsin class himself and even while go to a program that was on the downslide this is the kind of slow while the effect that can occur with the program i do think badger fans who have had such a long history of a strong basketball program there have to wonder if this isn't the third assistant in a row to come in and said that university back stu jackson quit standing gun the almost killed the program dick better came in turned it back around he edited off to brad soderberg almost destroyed the program paul ryan and incredible success handed it off to guard did well enough when he was still using both players karn greg guard recruit players are not right now the indication would be he he can't and losing harrell wonder were heroes get a goal i know precisely where wisconsin bears are praying he doesn't end up now and that would be of marquette teacher at lincoln hills they call the teachers lincoln hills is the juvenile prison in northern wisconsin beaten up by an inmate blaming governor walker saying that the governor's reforms after the earlier problems that lincoln hills are now making it not safe for the employees well walker's under fire the corrections department was under fire for being too aggressive in controlling.

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