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A thing that i'm just about to make up. It would be like a tuna casserole top with kimchi and crispy fish skins. Wow that's not an actual dish. I'm just thinking of all the grossest thing that would smell thank you very much. I think one of the things people are marveling at about your your portrayal of tammy faye. Is that you really humanize you. Don't play her as a cartoon character. I have to assume that was a huge goal of yours. Oh yeah because. I saw the documentary in two thousand twelve and i was so blown away with her compassion and her love what she did and i kind of realized like why do i only know her her mascara and like the jokes. People made over right so i wanted to really show her true story. And you did. Ryan b wants to antony center beverly hills fan. What are you feeling about. Erica jane this season did she know it's been such a ride. I feel like she. I wanna give her credit but like i feel like she had to know something. There must have been some kind of a red flag. I don't believe that there was just like complete like lack of knowledge of anything going on. It's interesting because it's very similar to tammy faye bakker right at the time right because so i have difficulty with lock. Lobbying in the wife of someone who's being tried it once she's charged with something. Then i can say okay. Maybe there's guilt there. But i i don't want to speculate on whether or not she's guilty. When there's really no evidence to prove that way i change my answer with. So why am i going after her. You're absolutely right. I mean we didn't go after just said you thought maybe she knew something. Yeah it was. Just that thing that i read about like the money going into the right part jessica jordan l. Said i watch. Elizabeth olson's hot ones interview where she talked about witnessing naomi. Watts getting assaulted by security guard at a fashion show and you came in to defend her. What is your recollection of that night. One hundred percent true. Is this huge guy who was manhandling. Her and i stood up and was like get away from her in front of everyone and then the show started and everyone acted like it didn't happen. Wow and did you. Are you buddies with her after that we kind of became buddies because we were both like what just happened and then she thanked me for going zero dark thirty on him. I i love that. Wow that is very. that's very kind of you. That's your reactionary. I'm ready for a fight when i fight. Where are you from san francisco. Cal san francisco so ready for a fight so you so you so you have the same boyfriend now that you had bravo con. Oh yeah you said you're okay. Good things are going swelled. They're very well any plans of marriage. I don't know it's a long term in okay. The pet survived and survive. We didn't live together before the pandemic and he flew to austin to visit me while i was filming queer eye and he was meant to say for two days but the pandemic so we ended up moving in as a result. We were one of those relationships that really forge right and for now. We're we're like we're we're raising a dog together. That's like that's where we're at okay. Good but i love him very dog next up baby. That's what happened to me by the way. Congratulations on the emmy win for queer bank. Let's take some questions for virtual vans. Jessica from dallas has a question for jessica chastain. Some meeting of the jessica. Hey so my question is for jessica. What was your biggest takeaway about tammy faye bakker from working with children and have you heard anything from jim baker while preparing for the movie. No i did not hear anything from jim baker nor do i really care to But i i mean. I love jay and i love tammy sue and tammy sue sings one of her mom's songs in the credit of our film voice of an angel and jay was at the premiere last night and yeah so a steve. Peters he was at the premiere last night. You know the interview that tammy day. He's he's alive and well in sings in the la court. It was interviewed. Andrew garfield the other day and he he was telling me how involve the kids were and that was surprising to me and great. Yeah they have the ability to step away from this story and kind of see the whole thing. I think they understood. I called them and wanted to know. I didn't want them to be afraid that i was taking advantage of a situation. I wanted them to under my understand. My intent in in looking at tammy story got a lot of questions when you know what. Tammy's real housewives tagline. Might here you have what. Yes i thought of it in the in the dressing around ready for it now. Okay so the only thing bigger than my lashes is my heart.

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