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Speaking broken butts, have you spoken to Calais. Backup. We're friends with backups. We've added a lot of today. Yeah, something so big by, but he's this is this Vicki's faults. I think big issue ran it by Kelly because a, I think she should have just been sensitive enough to say, listen, Kelly. My boyfriend wants to invi this couple out on a double is at an issue for you. And if it's if she said, yeah, that's an issue. Then I wouldn't have gone if she said, no, it wasn't an issue, then I want to go on, but I think she should have brought it good. Hear about that through. I don't think you want to hear about that through third parties. Do you know what I'm saying? Kind of embarrassing and and Molly. I mean, when you're married that long, I mean, even though you're, you decided in it doesn't mean you still have some feelings for the guy, and then she's got the daughter, and I don't know. I think I think Vicki made a misstep and I think Vicki new at the time she probably shouldn't have done it. But Vicky knows that she can get everyone to forgive her. That's about Michael cancer Tila cancer about a date. So k. to cancer. No. Something Vicky would say to get someone on their side as through his cat Killick Coetzer. So Kelly, let's see a Tim, like on a, I'm on Kevin side, which of course. So everybody's on the same page there. So next receive this chick Emily at the gym with her at a family, Jim, who came up with that? I don't know thing now. It's not versus dangerous for the kids. Secondly, no one's going to really get into work out. And third, what was that? I didn't get it for me. It'd be my mother there right behind me like. Yeah, I think you go on a family trip to Disney World. I don't think you're gonna family trip to the gym. Disgusting place. So she's there with Larry, her father in law and her mother-in-law Perry. And you know, typical typical mother-in-law with the son that just sits on a couch and drinks juice all day about that. He has these lifts and he's just sips juice. Hm. The kid Celtic job funny, maybe he's retired. No, you never even got his bar. That was the whole argument. Oh, yeah, that's right. But wait a minute. So maybe semi-retired because how can he support the family if he does have job? Yeah, no, I get that, but he still, you need to income to live the way they live. I don't know. I'm wondering if they have one of those like OC starter houses where she's no, she's going to be on the. They had to get a bigger house. What I mean? They do that. See, I kinda thought until he's talking about the bar that maybe he just did other things not lawyering. You don't think he's doing anything. She's doing something because I talked on g. chat. That's how they like hooked up. And I think they were both at work or something. I think he's got to have some kind of a dog going. Just not lawyering says he works. Oh yeah, we know what he does. He does like workers call during these haven't gotten their bar. Pass thing. Do they do is they go work for a law firm and they work under that law firms umbrella, and they just can't charge what real lawyer charges are certified lawyer charges, and they charge less and the law.

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