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I know you have some things to say about kappler yeah yeah i think that's the only controversial higher and i think some of that is the you know the allegation the discrimination against francona when he was in l a and i don't know how much how much of that is i would say it's worrisome but like not a smoking gun like there's nothing there there's nothing that really disqualifies kappler for being a maverick as his you know his background is not that dissimilar to somebody like aj hinch who i think is one of the best managers in baseball in a you want a intellectually curious manager he seems to who's got a player development background for that young team i just you know my favorite reaction to this was a friend of mine spike eskin who worsen sports radio in philadelphia does the rights to ricky sanchez podcasts because he will be for not saying the name the after covering sam hanky and covering chip kelly he saw read about gabe kappler and immediately tweeted oh my god we got another one of these guys and that's like the chip kelly precedent is what worries me a little bit that kappler mike come in with a lotta with a big head of steam and a lot of ideas and you know you've you know done dumb podcast with him before you know how energetic he is like yes you know personally i wouldn't want to work for a guy who's that on all the time but i also realized that i am not wired the same way as most major league athletes like i think joe biden is a lot and joe madden has had no shortage at success.

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