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Take one win and stack it on top of others and build a real business because it's one thing to have a product it's another to build a brand Catherine took one and turn it into another. You're going to discover how Catherine gets celebrity endorsements how she gets influencers to freely share her products how she's attracted a great team, and how she is scaled from something that was a saturated market into something that really stood out from the competition had high price points in profit margins and created a lot of raving fans, you're gonna hear about how she built a community around her products that gave her all the social proof that she could possibly need to run great advertisements. How she runs cold traffic to her brands and how she has ultimately scaled into a company that is both profitable and makes her and her partner, very proud. So please help me welcome to the brand builder podcasts, the lovely, Catherine labor. Welcome to the podcast. I'm Ryan, Daniel Moran. Mexico, Catherine Lavely, you are legend in your own rights. I admire you look up to you as many people. Do you probably won't brag on yourself as much as I will brag on you very publicly by the world of 'em. So glad to have you. Tell me what about yourself co. You had a big day today. Tell me what happened. So I actually was on our marketing call when we looked at the sales, and we had this spike, and then with the rest of the marketing trying to figure out where the spike him from because sales sales where it's eleven AM in new six times daily sales, but no data where they're calling from just a lot of people on the site. And so then cume like looking at Twitter looking Instagram, and it felt like, you know, one of those like murder shows where it's like the red string. You're tying people together. That's what it started started from like, oh, this journalists from the New York Times tweeted this, and then and then I'm asking our customer support people if they had heard anything, and then they were like, oh, yeah. People were mentioning the New York Times. Okay. And then the mystery was solved. So somewhat of the New York Times out about you. You did not seek this out. Some someone of the New York Times Sistan was given our product and has been using it and like loved it and anything. Articles called five cheapest things that will change your life cheap ish. And that was this morning. Yeah. This morning. That's awesome. And this is not the first time that somebody has found your brand and shared it. And like a big name. I mean, I know I can say Damon. John Jamie, John has been very vocal about his support. I mean, we were onstage at capitalism conference last year and middle talking goes. Oh, hey, self cove point Steele. Right. So nobody else knew it was going on like do you want to explain what just happened? Taran? Yeah. So David John sees you from stage in the audience waves to you. And it's like a fan of yours. Right. And and has sent a lot of traffic in sales your way there. This is not this is not a unique scenario where somebody well known is using your stuff and sharing it. So why has that been the case? So we met Daymond at the shop five build a business award thing that we won so Weiss. Yeah. Yeah..

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