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This is the news in brief from the united nations. Climate change is widespread rapid and intensifying and some trends and now irreversible at least during the present timeframe according to the latest intergovernmental panel on climate change report released on monday the un report prepared by two hundred thirty four scientists from sixty six countries. Highlights it human influences awarded the climate at a rate. That's unprecedented in. At least the last two thousand years it shows emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities responsible for approximately one point one degrees of warming between eighteen fifty and thousand nine hundred. It's also finds that averaged over the next twenty years. Global temperature is expected to reach or exceed one point five degrees celsius of heating. Scientists are observing human induced climate change in every region across the globe with some such as continued sea level rise already irreversible for centuries to millennia. Head the report warns but the ipc experts say. There's still time to limit climate change. Un secretary general antonio guitarists said the working group's report was nothing less than a code red for humanity. The alarm bells deafening. And the evidence is irrefutable. Meanwhile mister gutierrez has reaffirmed the full support of the united nations to amplifying. The powerful testimony of the survivors of the atomic bomb was dropped on the japanese city of nagasaki. Seventy-six years ago. He said the voices of helped build a powerful global movement against nuclear arms in his message to the nagasaki. Peace memorial on the ninth of august anniversary. The un chief said citizens there had built a cultural metropolis out of the ashes but he followed with a warning that the prospect of another nuclear weapon being used as dangerous now as any time since the height of the cold war despite this to developments this year provide grounds for hope. Miss guitar said the reaffirmation from the us and russia that a nuclear war cannot be won. Must never be fought together with a commitment to engage in control talks and the treaty. On the prohibition of nuclear weapons. That's now come into force. It is incumbent on all member states of the un at to seek the abolition of most deadly weapons ever made mr guitarist said and prevent the tragedy of nagasaki's nuclear destruction from ever occurring again. The un children's fund expressed shock on monday at the rapid escalation in grave violations against children in afghanistan. It follows the deaths of twenty seven children in the country in the past seventy two hours and one hundred and thirty six injured as the taliban continues. Its advance on cities. The atrocities grow higher by the day won't unicef afghanistan representative herve ludovic delays in a statement. All of them are children whose right to protection. Under international humanitarian law has been disregarded by warring parties u n relief chief marketing griffiths joined the condemnation of attacks against civilians in a statement. He said fighting across the country needs to stop. People suffered enough. Mr delays added that only a complete end of hostilities. Can protect afghanistan's children and called on all those engaged in mediation efforts to hold the warring parties to the international obligations to protect children. Katie dartford un news..

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