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Kfi am six forty mark thompson here for tim conway junior glad you could stop through gonna continue to watch that situation in thailand for you which is just bizarre and difficult and never ending as it would shame there's audio of michael jackson that is just as surfaced from a sixty minutes interview and he was talking about his love of children it's sort of a little weird and it's not very substantial but i'll play it for you and you can he's talking to a british interviewer here does it hurt you talking about controversial headlines and headlines that claim that michael well the claim things about michael abusive children and inappropriate relationships with children that's what he's talking about does it affect to does it hurt you to see some stories that are written and then his lawyer who's sitting next to michael says answer that question i don't mind it hurts me it hurts me i know it hurts i i love children manama's and quincy and frank quincy i mean it's sort of weird it was that was nineteen eightyseven was twenty nine when that air i love children manama's and quincy and frank that was the bad tour after the album bad you went on a world tour and it was again as it turns out something that he was going to have to really stare down right michael jackson was involved in that entire situation involving charges of inappropriate relationships with with children did you see the video of this now so so michael is sitting next to his manager frank deleo and i don't know frank deleo from anybody else but the picture of this frank is about five times bigger than michael right and you got to imagine if you're doing this interview if if that guy interrupts to answer you just you just let him yeah it's fine he was there you're saying clearly in a position physically to run interference oh yeah for sure he said michael in this interview i like to sneak into theaters without being noticed some time having incredible disguises i can for my own mother and i enjoy doing it because i get to see life the way it really is i'll tell you something about michael jackson that i asked him conway junior about and you know tim drove michael jackson around he was a limo driver drove michael jackson to the we are the world recording and i asked a tim first of all that's a great brag as a limo driver so you're saying you drove michael jackson to one of the greatest recordings in history that brought all of those different recording artist together for this huge effort and and tim was just as guy driving michael jackson smoking cigarettes and you know trying to make a buck and who they drive this hollywood a studio and mike and tim just out there waiting and michaels in the sound stage in the studio but when i asked tim was when michael speaks and you heard him speak he spoke to you did he sound like this i love children and animals quincy in frank quincy in other words that kind of the kind of kid like and pitched high and tim said no he sounded like this sound that i'm making with my voice now he said he could have done like a voiceover for a film type thing he had a registered that was lower so again it was to me one of the great i always wondered because it just seemed as though it was a character michael jackson was playing a little bit and i think he was playing a character he was and and now to be fair to michael jackson a lot of public figures have a public face but in his case it was literally public facing a public sound right he was trying to present a picture and michael jackson had an awful childhood i mean i get it he was superstar in the jackson five were off the chart successful but if you know anything about joe jackson and we talked about joe jackson a bit on this show last week i think a tim mentioned him and we've mentioned him also because he was just a placed in his final resting place on monday so his name came up again and he admitted beating his kids he said i didn't beat them i used a belt on them and.

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