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That's the seventies but Jennifer salt cannot be bothered with a brawl no raw other listen tired of him. But again, it's the seventies. So they're like so tired that they can't get a hold of the police that night. So they just sleep it off and I guess they're going back to Willie's with the police. To find. Billions still smoldering body I. Do love this she sleeping by the way and he keeps playing that. Tape over and over. Yeah. She awakes from her slumber. Own Screaming. At tape of cannot be good for you. She did not reach the Rem sleep with that but he didn't say that it was noon. She was still asleep he's. Ready to go in it's noon you haven't gone to the cops yeah. Again he could. He could still be alive. Willie is just less important than anything Willie, basically sacrificed his life. So the guy could write a book. Yes with his. Daughter and. This scene with the the not even a gang. It's just a bunch of guys riding dirt bikes in the desert. Yeah. Why does the sheriff like immediately jumped out in his deputy has shotgun on yes. Oh, they are ready to kill them. Yes this is. So trigger-happy Maybe. There's back story on this. I'm sure they're roving gang of dirt bikers if you're in the seventies and your Anna town like this this. Phenomenon will occur naturally, there will be a cracker shariff and a young punk for him to chase It's like a requisite thing and all a small towns I think you know you think. Maybe, they just needed a fill some time. Because when they start chasing down Scott Glen and the other motorcyclists yeah. That eats up a few minutes. Oh my second dukes of Hazzard same basically, and it almost looks like they may have sped it up a little bit. Yeah. I was I noticed that too also that's the sheriff driving that giant car deputy still got his shotgun when he pulls out to chase. The bikers he. Hits Diana she had to move back. He almost clips cornell grabs her by the shoulder. Thank God because she for sure would have broken both of her legs taken out both kneecaps Yay. This chase is kind of fun. Yeah you know. Yeah. It goes on for quite some time and he probably would have shot at him before now. Exactly. But I think they're given a chance to setup Have you mentioned that Scott Glen. The Guy. In Blue Scott Glen, there's only a few lines from other of the so-called gang by one of them is a stuntman course. Yes. Who is also a gargoyles? Right Yes. I. Feel like a lot of people on this head like double roles. You Know Oh. Yeah. Jennifer. Can you please hold this boom mic out of frame? Yes. Clothes. I mean the sheriff's basically like we'll hell if you guys weren't around, we would have executed him already. You're saying they didn't do anything against the law. Different. Strokes for different folks I get when the the friend purposefully runs into Scotland and knocks. He does so I don't even know what they take him. They take him in for being vagrants for looting wearing too much denim. Yet. I think I read I. Think Scott Glen was in his thirties in this is this is first movie or as I. Really. But he is wearing a Canadian Tuxedo. He's got a denim jacket denim pants denim shirt then everything..

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