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Know, it was a crazy game. And that's a tremendous team. And. This is a crazy place to play. It's MRs and MRs time to talk football after hours with Amy Lawrence. Nick foles, the voice of Nick foles the name that you've come to recognize. He's become a household name since last year in the Super Bowl MVP, Kevin Harlan references that as he finds golden Tate with inside of a minute to go the touchdown reception that put the eagles in front by a point. And then of course, they survived. The Cody parkey field goal attempts to the I was the practice wing. And then after the Doug Peterson timeout he ends up hitting two different areas on the goalpost. Obviously the chaos ensues couple of team or a couple of things here. And that I want to try to answer the question for you about Nick foles. This is your nerd alert. Wait, can you can you go back up on the screen because there was the Cody parkey is the eighth highest paid kicker in the NFL? And he is just a smidge below four million dollars per season. So that's one thing is that he's not the highest paid kicker, but this is a guy with a track record. And we're not talking about a rookies like Michael magically for the the Los Angeles chargers. We're talking about an experience kicker, and he's he makes nearly four million dollars per year. And so- parkey is a guy that the bears are invested in. But again eighth highest kicker in terms of annual salary in the NFL. So that's one piece another piece that Chris bound, and I just told them Google icing. The kicker just to see what you can buy. There's any type of numbers out there. So. Yes. Okay. Here we go. So an article published in two thousand eleven says the icing the kicker with fewer than ten seconds in the game increases the chances of making the kick. And I would think for most part you're talking about giving a guy a chance to get out there on the actual field and warm up and take a real a real practice wing is I just talked about like to use the Gulf analogy so fewer than ten seconds in the game. According to the ESPN article back in two thousand eleven actually increases the chances make making a cake if you call the time out, but then if you're talking about a field goal that's greater than fifty yards. The number goes way down because obviously the odds decrease of you take a practice cake, and it's good. The odds will indicate that you're not likely to make it every single time. And so that one stands to read the, but those are in exact numbers. And of course, that was two thousand eleven it's a crapshoot I think so Cody parkey ends up missing. And who knows what his future is what the bears, but you gotta give the eagles credit for the way they forced the issue and scored with just under a minute to go. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. We had our eagles insider Dave's. Petero on the show with us in our first hour. He's actually the eagles insider, he's got sideline access. He does the eagles live podcast. I mean, this is the guy to go to and he provided really cool inside as to what the eagles said after the game as well as a sideline celebration was like when the park field. Gold joint off the crossbar, but I also asked him about Nick foles because it's obvious that when he is the quarterback of the eagles. And this is not an indictment of Carson Wentz. But when foles is out there this offense response the team responds, and I also wanted to know what the options are with the eagles and foles moving forward. The words that you always year with Nick boulder. Calm cool collected in the moment. Never never really phased. Again, when you think about that last drive Dixie yard well played orphan goal from the two yard line. And they called spring out for Nick sprint, right? And throw it to the end zone and. That's a lot of pressure after feels gone. He made it very nice. I mean, Nick, they just all believe Nick, they rally around nicknamed top. And and he doesn't let stuff father merely get paid. No. And didn't change his aggressiveness. He's still through the football. They still challenge the bears defense and everybody believes in Nick bowls in hard not to when you consider his body of work this year, and certainly last year in hosting for the eagle has been I've been there long enough from the time Nick holder the third round draft pick in two thousand twelve remarkable season two thousand thirteen only seven touchdown to interception. Got hurt. The next year with traded really been up and down and up again career for Nick foles and appreciative of it. He's humbled by. And I think everybody responds to Nicole. In a very positive way. Either. He's the guy who at the quarterback position. But he knows only as good as those around him in the eagles played very very well rounded at whatever point this season ends whenever that is. What are the team options with him? Though, the contract is through two thousand nine hundred sixty seven it's a team up and a player off meeting. They both have to opt in or the contract to be good for next year to still be valid genetic yourself is a twenty million dollar payout. I I mean, I think everybody kinda looked at it and goes, well, there's no way Nichols going to be a backup quarterback here for twenty million dollars. The eagles are committed to Carson Wentz. I believe that Nicole will be released at the end of the season unless some sort of dramatic turnaround become to a contract agreement. But let's make it very clear in eagle all along carton went through the future quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. And I think Amy very tough for Carson to really maximize his ability. If Nick foles is still there. Kind of not looking over your shoulder. But every time he has bad game. Eagles fans are going to be calling for Nick foles. Unusual as a film. You've got it very quarterback. Nick foles you've been so productive. And yet the eagles really view him as a backup quarterback. And I think that's the way it's gonna play out. He'll be released. They'll go somewhere else and get starting quarterback. Carson Wentz will be the guy in Philadelphia moving forward. Dave's Petero eagles insider, he was fresh off the sidelines in Chicago had just gotten off a plane at the airport and was driving home joined us the first hour of the show. There's a lot more good stuff there. If you're an eagles fan or just the whole idea of of how this team is continuing to do what they've done over the last six weeks now and go into Chicago the way they did. It's a great conversation. So.

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